A Uyghur Muslim Child Beaten And Abused By Chinese Adults

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Adults in the video are terrorising a Uyghur Muslim child like a wild animal by kicking, stepping on his fingers, and dragging him, while the child is screaming in a traumatised state. He was accused of ‘stealing’.

Viewer discretion is advised. Some may find the following distressing:



Source: Doamuslims.org

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  1. This was so sad for me to watch. May Allah SWT bring this little boy justice, and may Allah SWT punish these people for their vulgarity.

  2. Reblogged this on myatheistlife and commented:
    We’re apes. Not long out of the trees apes. All that makes you human also equips you to do what these adults are doing. It equips you to treat people not in your group like this. It equips you to hate and be psychopathic in cruelty. Your humanity equips you to be this way.

    It is the human mind’s ability to reason and raise us above this behavior that we usually think of as the part that makes us human, but that’s not true. These are humans doing what humans are wont to do. Sure, maybe you wouldn’t but I bet you know people who would act this way. They are all around you. The WWII holocaust is no real mystery, it was perpetrated by apes on other apes through hate and fear, the social currency of religion. Watch this video closely. That is your cousins acting normally. What you think is normal civil human behavior is actual NOT normal. Watch your cousins at play, then try to sleep at night without thinking about which of your cousins has their finger on a button of mass destruction.

  3. This is going to be forever burned into my brain. 😦 No further words…

  4. GOD forgive me for what am about to say, too many innocent children being abuse all over the world if God was to come now I know I be lost in hell because I’m not doing God’s will I try to as much as I can, I try to everyday ask God to have mercy and to send angels to protect every child that’s being abuse torture or any kind of abuse.And if God forbid the child is going to die by being torture with such cruelty I say please God just take that child soul out of that body so that child don’t feel no more pain. But GOD forgive me when I say Just end the world.

  5. Had this been done by any Muslim or this had happened in a Muslim country then this would be the Front page News all over Daily Mail, NY Times. And, from all around the world Human Rights Activists and Liberalists will gather together and debate on this in BBC,CNN,FOX News and demonize Islam and Mulsism. But, But , But..Since this is done by Non-Muslism so sssssssssssSSSSSSSSSShhhhHHHHHHhhhhh!!!! silence. There should be no news.Because as per the WEST, “MUSLIMS ARE NOT HUMANS”. am i right folks.?? The hatred in their hearts has grown so much that they even desire to kick a muslim pregnant woman, torture muslim teenagers, and rape muslim girls.

    • you fucking retard, you know that China hates uighurs while favors Hans? Why don’t you jump into the shallow pond you came back from you illiterate unsympathetic dumb piece of shit. A child gets tortured and your first reply is about how “HURR DURR WESTERN MEDIA”

  6. Does anyone know what happened to that child after that? he is fine?

  7. Where can I find news about this little boy?


  1. The (so called) "Uyghur issue" within China; it's history and contemporaneous situation.

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