France: Paris Mayor To Sue Fox News

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Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour today she’s planning to sue Fox News over its coverage of her city:(Tweet from Amanpour)
BREAKING: Paris is going to sue @FoxNews after image of Paris was “insulted” and “prejudiced,” Mayor @Anne_Hidalgo tells me.
11:44 AM – 20 Jan 2015

Last week, various individuals on Fox News made some questionable claims about Muslim no-go zones in France, which made them quite the subject of ridicule by a French TV show.

Hidalgo made it clear to Amanpour today she was very specifically talking about Fox:

(Tweet from Ram Ramgopal)
From Paris:
AMANPOUR: Can you clarify, which exact network you’re going to take to court and sue?
HIDALGO:  “Fox News, that’s the name.”
12:02 PM – 20 Jan 2015…

Ha! Looks like the Republican love fest with Paris following the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attack won’t last long. Thank you, Paris, for taking action that cities across America should have taken long ago.


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