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Does Biblical Law Force Rape Victim To Marry Rapist?

Some modern Christians have attempted to show that Deuteronomy 22:28-29 does not condone or sanction a rapist to marry the rape victim. The verse in question is very clear in Hebrew. It categorically states that if a woman (“virgin”) was raped in ancient of days, the penalty for the rapist is that he has to… Read More ›


90% Of The Quran Is Not About “Shariah Law”

Joe Bradford In a recent CNN interview on Nov 18th, 2016 Kayleigh McEnany, Trump surrogate and political commentator, quoted Andrew Mccarthy (a National Review columnist) as an “Academic” source for her statement “…that 90% of the Quran is a legal document and is Shariah…” 1st: Andy McCarthy is former prosecutor and has no academic study… Read More ›

Excerpt quote from The New York Times, 15th October 1895 - credit NYT

The Age Of Consent Laws In America, 1800s

Revisiting The Age Of Consent Laws In America, 1800s A few years back we wrote an article on the age of consent in America, in the 1800s, which can be accessed here: “Age of Consent in European & American History“. Since the publication of the article, we have had some comments left on our website… Read More ›

‘Prescribed For You Is Legal Retribution For Those Murdered’ – Quran 2:178-179

Background These verses were revealed in Madinah (Mawdudi & Dr. Muhammad Asad). Analysing Verses The Holy Quran has prescribed death penalty for those who murder innocent people: 2:178 O you who have believed, prescribed for you is legal retribution for those murdered – the free for the free, the slave for the slave, and the… Read More ›

The Campaign To Ban Sharia Reaches Congress

On Wednesday, July 15, Representative Diane Black (R-TN) introduced a bill to ban the use of foreign law in federal courts. While devoid of language targeting a specific group of people, House Resolution 3052 is premised on the same notion that led to the passage of similar bills in ten states across the country: Muslims… Read More ›

Young Muslims “Fuel Huge Rise In Sharia Marriage”?

  The Times front page today runs a curious headline: “Young Muslims fuel huge rise in Sharia marriage”. The headline is a bit like the paper’s declaration last year of a “rise in the Muslim birthrate” that was, it turns out, non-existent. So, it is the same with the strange proclamation that young Muslims are fuelling… Read More ›

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US Court Ruled In Favour Of Samantha Elauf Who Was Denied Job Because Of Her Hijab

DTT: Good news from the Supreme Court today in America. A Muslim woman was denied a job at Abercrombie & Fitch Co clothing store in Oklahoma because of her Hijab. It was clear discrimination. After a long battle, taking them to court for discriminating against her, she finally won her case. It is a right of… Read More ›

Filipina Kidnapped, Raped & Stabbed, Rapist Sentenced To Death By Hanging

  Kuwait – A Kuwaiti Policeman was sentenced to death by hanging after he was found guilty of kidnapping, raping and attempted murder. The Victim was a Filipino OFW from Cotobato. The 29 year old victim worked as a household service worker and later as a dress shop assistant in Farwaniya. The victim was on her… Read More ›

Judge Jails Muslim Woman For Wearing Headscarf To Court

DTT: Disgraceful behaviour from this judge. Every person has the right to wear what she/he wants. Lisa Valentine should sue this judge and get him fired. By Daniel Nasaw / The Guardian A city judge in Georgia has in the past eight days barred two Muslim women wearing Islamic headscarves from entering his courtroom, jailing one,… Read More ›

France: Paris Mayor To Sue Fox News

From mediaite.com: Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour today she’s planning to sue Fox News over its coverage of her city:(Tweet from Amanpour) BREAKING: Paris is going to sue @FoxNews after image of Paris was “insulted” and “prejudiced,” Mayor @Anne_Hidalgo tells me. 11:44 AM – 20 Jan 2015 Last week, various individuals on… Read More ›