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A Moroccan Man Murdered In ‘Islamophobic’ Attack In France

Sad! A Moroccan man was murdered in his home front of his family and more than 50 mosques have been attacked in France since January 6th. Why aren’t police protecting the Muslim community? You know what is the most frustrating of all this, if the killer was Muslim, all Muslims are evil terrorists and their religion… Read More ›

Race Hate Attack: ‘It’s Frightening So Many Shoppers Turned A Blind Eye As Man Abused Me And Spat At My Hijab’

DTT comment: Another coward attacking a defenceless woman because of her faith. Thugs like these, who abuse, attack woman, should be sent to jail, and made an example out of. The judge was too lenient, he should have sent him to prison. By Louis Emanuel – BristolPost.co.uk   A MUSLIM woman who was spat at… Read More ›

EDL ‘Anti-Muslim’ Rioters Jailed

DTT comment: Great news! It is quite right that these thugs should feel the full force of the Law. There is no place in society for those who try intimidate and assault people. By BBC.co.uk   A disabled English Defence League supporter involved in clashes with police while on crutches at a protest rally has been… Read More ›

Former nurse and soldier, Joanne Morris, admits bomb-making charges and possessing shotgun

By Brett Gibbons Birminghammail.co.uk  Largest haul of explosives and ammunition uncovered in region during last decade found at home of Joanne Morris A transgender former nurse from Walsall has admitted bomb making charges after the largest haul of ammunition and explosives discovered in the West Midlands in the past decade was found at her home. Ex-soldier Joanne… Read More ›

‘Evil’ Terrorist who plotted to bomb mosques plays computer game in a Nazi Hat

DTT: A Neo-Nazi was today jailed for ten years. The criminal, right-wing lunatic attempted to murder Muslims at a Mosque in Merseyside. As much as Muslim are happy for this deluded crazy man be put away, his sentence we believe was lenient. He should have been a life-sentence for what he attempted to do. Liverpool… Read More ›

Ergun Caner Loses ‘Fair Use’ Lawsuit In Failed Attempt To Silence Critics

By Brian Tashman rightwingwatch.org Ergun Caner has lost his lawsuit against a blogger who criticized the Religious Right figure as a fraud, with a federal judge ruling last week that Caner’s case had no merit. After the September 11 attacks, Caner built a career around his purported conversion from Islamic extremism to Christianity, but his testimony was later exposed… Read More ›

Names of 46 convicted child sex offenders who terrorized the Orthodox Jewish community from within are released by Brooklyn DA

DTT: This is a very sad case. Innocent girls were s preyed on. Parents need to be more cautious whom their daughters or even their sons chill with. Hopefully the sentencing handed down will send a strong message to the perpetrators that they will be caught and imprisoned.   Nechemya Weberman, 54, sentenced to 103-years for… Read More ›

The Empire State Building (AFP Photo/Timothy A. Clary)

A Muslim family were ‘forcibly’ removed from Empire State Building for praying – lawsuit

Security guards at the Empire State Building in New York City forcibly removed a Muslim family who, without disturbing any tourists, had knelt down and begun to pray on the skyscraper’s observation deck, according to a new lawsuit. Fahad Tirmizi, his wife Amina, and the couple’s two children were visiting the popular attraction on July… Read More ›

Ali Aboubaker

Muslim-American man wins $1.2 million in job discrimination case

By Tresa Baldas His co-workers may have not seen past his beard, but the jury did. A Muslim American man from Ypsilanti has won a nearly $1.2-million jury award after successfully arguing he was harassed, taunted and discriminated against at work because of his religion, race and appearance — most notably, his long beard. Ali… Read More ›

Why are Sikhs exempted for having beard in armed forces, while Muslims are not?

DTT: The double standards are clearly seen here.   The advocate representing National Cadet Corps (NCC) was literally left speechless on Wednesday when Justice Anand Byra Reddy’s simple enquired, why are only Sikhs exempted for having beard in armed force, while others are not? The Central Government advocate representing the Ministry of Defence said he… Read More ›