‘Evil’ Terrorist who plotted to bomb mosques plays computer game in a Nazi Hat

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DTT: A Neo-Nazi was today jailed for ten years. The criminal, right-wing lunatic attempted to murder Muslims at a Mosque in Merseyside. As much as Muslim are happy for this deluded crazy man be put away, his sentence we believe was lenient. He should have been a life-sentence for what he attempted to do.

Liverpool Echo reports:

Playing computer games while dressed in a Nazi outfit and drinking white wine, this is the vile fanatic who plotted to blow up Merseyside mosques with home-made gunpowder.

Ian Forman, 42, whose obsession with Hitler saw him nicknamed Adolf by revulsed colleagues, planned to explode bombs packed with nails and ball-bearings.

The double life of the former civil servant, who lived a seemingly unassuming life in a quiet Wirral street, was today laid bare by the ECHO as he was jailed for ten years.

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  1. 'Evil' Terrorist who plotted to bomb mosques plays computer game in a Nazi Hat
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