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Irony: Fox Host Says Liberals Blame Christianity For Clinic Terrorist Attack

In the wake of the Planned Parenthood terrorist attack, there was another sort of concern that Fox hosts raised. Some thought the left was too quick to jump to conclusions about the man shooting up a Planned Parenthood. Ana Kasparian (The Point) and John Iadarola (Think Tank), hosts of the The Young Turks, break it… Read More ›

Fox host: Liberals Are ‘Indicting An Entire Religion — Christian White Republican’

DTT: This quite hilarious coming from republican Christians. Aren’t you the same people who always (and still do) indict all Muslims because of few lunatics, and then when the same goes around to you Christians you scream foul? Pot meets kettle! The double standards and hypocrisy here is quite saddening yet they don’t realise that they… Read More ›

VIDEO: Geraldo Rivera Compares Pamela Geller To Aryan Nation, Skinheads And KKK

I, personally never thought I would agree with Geraldo Rivera. Geraldo was spot on. He brilliantly pointed out that if Pamela Geller did what she does to Muslims everyday by inciting hate, by calling Muslims savages she would not get away with it if she aimed it at a different group of people. Watch the… Read More ›

That ‘Atheist’ Who Killed 3 Young Muslims In North Carolina…

By Leslie Salzillo On February 10, 2015, a 46-year old ‘self proclaimed’ atheist, took his gun, managed his way into his neighbor’s home, and shot them to death. Craig Stephen Hicks killed three innocent young Muslim students, execution-style, in Chapel Hill, then turned himself in hours later. The lives he stole were Yusor Mohammad Abu-Salha,… Read More ›

“This Guy Is Clearly a Complete Idiot”: How Fox News Became A Joke In Paris

By Bruce Gain – Alternet.org The news channel has been roasted for its erroneous depiction of Muslim-linked no-go zones. While much attention has been paid stateside to Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo’s public threat to sue Fox News this week, less focus has been given to the network’s ridiculous behavior that prompted the call to begin… Read More ›

Muslim-Bashing Is Not a ‘No-Go Zone’ For Bobby Jindal

By Aldo Guerrero – Fair.org       Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is still spreading the myth of Muslim “no-go zones” in Europe–and even claiming that they will come to the United States (CNN,1/21/15). Declared Jindal in a London speech: In the West, non-assimilationist Muslims establish enclaves and carry out as much of Sharia law… Read More ›

France: Paris Mayor To Sue Fox News

From mediaite.com: Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour today she’s planning to sue Fox News over its coverage of her city:(Tweet from Amanpour) BREAKING: Paris is going to sue @FoxNews after image of Paris was “insulted” and “prejudiced,” Mayor @Anne_Hidalgo tells me. 11:44 AM – 20 Jan 2015 Last week, various individuals on… Read More ›

Fox News Have Come Back To Their Senses And Apologize Again

What is happening to Fox News? They are apologizing left, right and centre. Have they come back to their senses? Or are they apologizing because they want Europe to stop making mockery out of their so-called ‘experts’ and Station? Here is another video: Fox News Forced to Apologize for Bogus Poll on Muslim Support for… Read More ›

Fox News Apologizes Over The Claims On ‘No-Go-Zones’ Areas In Europe

Miracle. Praise the Lord! Fox News Apologizes over the lies they have been spreading whole week on ‘No-Go-zones’ areas. Where non-Muslims are not allowed to enter because Muslims live there, a claim made by them later when Britain and France made a mockery of their assertions, they back-tracked from their lies.

Four Absurd & Dangerous Lies Fox News Told About Muslims This Week

By Zaid Jilani – AlterNet.org Fox News has reached new depths of paranoia and outright hate in its coverage of the aftermath of the Paris shootings. This week, it was the object of international satire and outrage following a string of lies told about Muslims and Europe. Here are four of the worst, most glaring examples:… Read More ›