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Prophet Muhammed On Priests, And The Sad Incident In Normandy (Rouen)

Another day, more innocent lives are taken by extremist savages. I really don’t know how to respond to the dreadful murders that has took place in Kabul, Iraq, Munich and now in a church in Rouen, in northern France. Few days ago was the mass murder of nine innocent souls in Munich, Germany. It was… Read More ›

1 In 3 Victims Of The Barbaric Truck Attack In Nice Were Muslim (VIDEO)

Some of the media who spread hate and division should be held accountable for the lies they have been peddling for the past week or so. For some journalists to accuse all Muslims of having somehow been responsible for this senseless and barbaric slaughter of innocent people is quite sickening. What would you say about… Read More ›

Muslim Father Lost His Son In Nice Truck Attack (VIDEO)

Terrorism has no religion. In the video below, is a Muslim father mourning for his son. From the video he looks devastated at the loss of his son, being killed by a barbarian psychopathic murderer. I am really lost for words. How could another human hurt other human beings? May God make it easy for… Read More ›

France: Truck Driver Running People Over, Victims Had ‘Scarves Over Their Head’

Another sad day, where we been told by newspapers that a lunatic deliberately mowed down innocent people in France. Many people are victim of this heinous and barbaric crime. Witnesses said that the Truck driver deliberately ran people over. One witnesses had seen many Muslim families in Hijab on the floor, lying dead. The Guardian:… Read More ›

Syrian Refugee Chefs In France

Emad and another group of Syrian refugees in France, got a chance and were invited to cook in some of the Paris’ well known restaurants. The group’s main objective is to challenge the stereotypes in media about them, one plate at a time. At the end, what happened won’t shock viewers – the food was… Read More ›

On Syrian Refugees, Gun-Obsessed Nevada Lawmaker Says She Would ‘Shoot Them In The Head’ Herself

A gun-obsessed Republican lawmaker is proving to be perhaps the most insane elected official in the entire United States. Earlier this year she said she believed cancer is a fungus and last week she gained nationwide ridicule after she shared her family Christmas card, which featured her entire family holding guns, even grandma and a young boy… Read More ›

Nouman Ali Khan: San Bernardino & Paris Attacks – How To Respond

[New Khutbah] The Quran is very serious and absolute in its declaration that innocent people and civilians, of any kind, should never be harmed. As a matter of fact, wrongfully killing a human being is tantamount to killing all of humanity and that is the greatest crime one can commit against another. It’s one thing… Read More ›

Assault On Muslim Female In Manchester Shows Paris Impact

We have received a case in the Greater Manchester area where a couple were targeted for anti-Muslim abuse that specifically referred to terrorism, which can be linked to the recent Paris murders. A couple who had completed their shopping were accosted in a car park by a white female who launched into an anti-Muslim tirade… Read More ›

French Undercover Police Crack Down On Freedom Of Speech In Paris

Yesterday undercover police cracked down on anyone questioning the sponsors of a corporate “Solutions 21” event in Paris. The action was supported by Amis de la Terre, ATTAC France, Climate Justice Action, Corporate Europe Observatory, JEDIs, Solidaire and Young Friends of the Earth France. Freedom of Speech? “I thought our leaders marched in unity for… Read More ›

Paris: Muslim Security Guard Stopped Suicide Bomber From Entering Stadium

DTT: A true Muslim hero at the Stade de France who foiled the ISIS (Daesh) terrorists attack turns out not be Zouheir as some claimed, but another Muslim, from the native country of Mauritius. In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, a man by the name Zouheir was spread throughout social media that he foiled… Read More ›