Paris: Muslim Security Guard Stopped Suicide Bomber From Entering Stadium

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Screen grab: NBC News

Hero Salim Toorabally – Screen grab: NBC News

DTT: A true Muslim hero at the Stade de France who foiled the ISIS (Daesh) terrorists attack turns out not be Zouheir as some claimed, but another Muslim, from the native country of Mauritius.

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, a man by the name Zouheir was spread throughout social media that he foiled an attack. Many newspapers in turn responded by stating this is not true and that no Muslim foiled any attack.

However, few weeks has gone by and we find out that a Muslim security guard did indeed help prevent a terrorist attack.

The hero’s  name is Salim Toorabally, he is originally from Mauritius.

Hadn’t it been for the bravery of this Muslim security guard, hundreds of lives would have been lost.

May God bless those who protect others against terrorism.

International Business Times reports:

The terrorist attacks on Paris left the world reeling, after eight suicide bombers unleashed a wave of atrocities on the French capital on November 13 in a coordinated attack on six major sites s including a street cafe and the Bataclan theatre which was the scene of a blood bath. 130 people died, hundreds more were injured and the world was stricken with grief at the senseless tragedy.

The Stade de France was one of the targets of the attackers. Islamic State bomber Bilal Hadfi, 20, arrived at the grounds wearing a suicide belt, which he planned to detonate inside the stadium, which was filled with thousands of football fans gathered to watch their home team in a friendly match against Germany in the presence of the French President Francois Hollande. With the match being televised, it was intended to be the horrifying centrepiece of the Paris attacks, the full scale horror of the bombing being broadcast to millions around the world.

The loss of life and the carnage that might have followed is unthinkable, but thankfully the planned mass killing was averted due to the quick thinking and diligence of a security guard who thwarted the terrorist.

Dubbed the hero of the Stade de France, Salim Toorabally was the security guard who stopped the terrorist entering the stadium and whose actions undoubtedly saved the lives of thousands of people and in turn “saved France.”

The 42-year-old Mauritian immigrant and devout Muslim was identified by The Mail on Sunday who traced him to a two-bedroom flat in a tower block in the north-east Paris suburb of Le Blanc-Mesnil, where he lives with wife Bibi, 55, and their 15-year-old daughter Yza.

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  1. That man is the true Muslim, not some ISIS shit.
    Thanks for sharing it

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