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Those Who Lost Their Lives In Quebec Mosque Terror Attack

The True Hero Azzeddine Soufiane died trying to stop the “crusader” Alexandre Bissonnette, the Quebec mosque attacker. His heroism saved many lives. Azzeddine Soufiane, 57, moved from Morroco to Canada in the 1980s. He was a father of three young children. His occupation was a butcher. He opened the first Supermarket in the area he lived… Read More ›

Two NYPD Cops (One Muslim) Drove Suspected Bomb Away From Times Square

New York (NY) cops, one of them a Muslim from Afghanistan, drove a possible bomb away from Times Square. The two police officers drove nearly two blocks away with the bomb on their dash, and sacrifice themselves instead of putting other peoples lives at risk. They found a place where it was uncrowded and were… Read More ›

Muslims Shield Christians During Al-Shabaab Terrorist Attack

You want to talk about some Muslims standing up to Islamist terrorists? Here are some Muslims putting their lives on the line to do so: (CNN)—Their M.O. is a tried and terrifying one: Launch a raid, single out Christians, and then spray them with bullets. But when Al-Shabaab militants ambushed a bus Monday, things didn’t… Read More ›

Paris: Muslim Security Guard Stopped Suicide Bomber From Entering Stadium

DTT: A true Muslim hero at the Stade de France who foiled the ISIS (Daesh) terrorists attack turns out not be Zouheir as some claimed, but another Muslim, from the native country of Mauritius. In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, a man by the name Zouheir was spread throughout social media that he foiled… Read More ›

VIDEO: Muslim Customer Saves Shopkeeper From Machete Attack In India

A Video footage of a Muslim man defending a shopkeeper from a vicious sword attack has gone viral. The incident took place this week In Mumbai, India. The Family of the shopkeeper described the Muslim man as an ‘angel’. The Muslim hero told NDTV News that he was not scared of confronting the sword-wielding thug… Read More ›

Hijabi Hero Rescues School-girl From Oncoming Train – Video

Police are Looking for a women in head-scarf (hijab) who rescued a little girl of a train track. A School-girl narrowly escaped death after a Muslim woman pulled her of the tracks of an oncoming train. The incident took place as the school-girl dropped what it appears from the video to be a hula hoop… Read More ›

The Real Hero Of The Tunisian Attack Was Moncef Mayel – A 56 Year Old Builder

The real hero of the Tunisian attack was this man, Moncef Mayel, a 56 yr old builder. He floored the gunman by throwing floor tiles at him from a roof terrace. The few moments whilst the gunman recovered his senses and scrambled to his feet bought precious time for those fleeing and allowed the police… Read More ›

British Survivor Says Muslim ‘Tunisians Formed Human Shield To Protect Tourists’

DTT: A survivor has told the story of how more foreign tourists would have died if it wasn’t for the brave Muslims Tunisians forming a human-shield, trying to protect the tourists. The survivor, John Yeoman, who was in a pool when he heard the gunfire, said the men in the background of the picture (below)… Read More ›

VIDEO: Muslim Man Threw Tiles On Terrorist – Trying To Stop Him From Killing Innocent People

DTT: This Muslim man risked his life throwing tiles and helped stop the terrorist in Tunisia. May God reward him with Paradise. “This builder dropped tiles on the head of the Tunisia attacker shouting “you terrorist, you dog”. He told Jonathan Miller, channel 4 news reporter that, “all I did was my duty, the duty… Read More ›

Heroic Man Punched In The Face For Standing Up For Muslim Women Who Were Abused On Train

DTT: It’s really sad to see this in this day and age! Not every single Muslim you sit or stand or walk past is an extremist. When is this going to stop!? Disgraceful behaviour from this racist/bigoted men for abusing women for being Muslim. Respect to the man for defending those women from the bullies. Tammy Mills… Read More ›