Two NYPD Cops (One Muslim) Drove Suspected Bomb Away From Times Square

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New York (NY) cops, one of them a Muslim from Afghanistan, drove a possible bomb away from Times Square.

The two police officers drove nearly two blocks away with the bomb on their dash, and sacrifice themselves instead of putting other peoples lives at risk. They found a place where it was uncrowded and were able to put the device on the sidewalk, until the Bomb experts came to defuse it.

“We both said our prayers,” said Armani, a Muslim immigrant from Afghanistan. “We thought this was it, we’re not going to make it.”

New York City Police Commissioner Bill Bratton called the two Police officers “heroes of this department, heroes of this city” in a press conference.

Barton further went on to say, “They put their own lives at risk so that they could save potentially hundreds if not thousands of people in Times Square.”

CNN reports:

When the suspicious device landed in his New York police car, Sgt. Hameed Armani thought he was about to die.

The object made a clicking noise. Lights from the device started flashing.

“Boss, this is a bomb,” his partner, Officer Peter Cybulski, said from the passenger seat.
The horror couldn’t have come at a worse place. The officers’ patrol car was parked in Times Square, which was packed with tourists and locals Wednesday night.

Armani, in the driver’s seat, said he was prepared to die, but refused to let civilians die, too.

“We both look at each other. I was like, ‘We’re going to go, but I’m not going to have anybody else go with us,'” the sergeant said.

So, instead of jumping out of the car to save their own lives, the officers drove 1½ blocks away to make sure nothing happened to the crowd of civilians.

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