1 In 3 Victims Of The Barbaric Truck Attack In Nice Were Muslim (VIDEO)

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4-Year-Old Muslim child who was victim of Nice Truck Attack, Screenshot, credit Channel 4

4-Year-Old Muslim child who was victim of Nice Truck Attack, Screenshot, credit Channel 4

Some of the media who spread hate and division should be held accountable for the lies they have been peddling for the past week or so.

For some journalists to accuse all Muslims of having somehow been responsible for this senseless and barbaric slaughter of innocent people is quite sickening.

What would you say about these people who have lost their loved ones? Have you seen the 4-year-old picture of the Muslim child who was killed along with his mother? One third of the victims in Nice (Niece) attack in France, were Muslim (AJ+). I personally doubt some of you nasty journalists have souls to care for others who happen to have a different faith or skin colour. Some of you are playing an active part of spreading this cycle of hatred. When will it stop?

It must seem so easy to judge the lives of other people whom you know absolutely nothing about. It is so easy to judge people whom you have never met, or know anything about.

I always find it quite mind-boggling how some people can spread hate and speak against a people whom they have never met.

Watch the video below, where some of the families speak about those of their family members who were killed in Niece attack:

Source: Channel 4

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