France: Truck Driver Running People Over, Victims Had ‘Scarves Over Their Head’

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Another sad day, where we been told by newspapers that a lunatic deliberately mowed down innocent people in France. Many people are victim of this heinous and barbaric crime. Witnesses said that the Truck driver deliberately ran people over.

One witnesses had seen many Muslim families in Hijab on the floor, lying dead. The Guardian:

Maryam Violet, an Iranian journalist visiting Nice on holiday, told the Guardian that she saw the lorry running over people as they walked in the pedestrian area after the fireworks had finished.

“There were so many Muslim people who were victims because I could see they had scarves over their head and some were speaking Arabic. One family lost a mother and in Arabic they were saying she’s a martyr,” she said.

We pray that the Muslim and non-Muslim victims families find peace through these hard time.

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