Family Suffer Barrage Of ‘Disgusting’ Racial Abuse While On Holiday

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A Muslim family went out to have a nice time as they thought. But this was short-lived, when a number of racists, Islamophobic, ignorant mischief-makers started hurling abuse at the family. This is not an isolated incident there are many similar incidents of this that occur up and down in Europe.


Two 23-year-old women targeted Imtiaz Hussain’s family and young men joined in as his daughters were taunted with ‘Ban the Burka’ chants

A Middlesbrough family cut its holiday to Blackpool short after suffering a “disgusting” barrage of racist abuse.

Imtiaz Hussain, his English wife Barbara and their three daughters had just arrived in the seaside town and were taking their first walk on the beach when they were confronted.

Mrs Hussain was racially abused and two of her daughters who were wearing headscarves were taunted with “Ban the Burka” chants.

The racially aggravated abuse came from two 23-year-old women from Blackpool, Lancs.

Then the incident next to Blackpool’s North Pier escalated with young men joining in shouting “EDL” and “BNP”.

At one stage the family was surrounded and had nowhere to escape until Coastguard officers intervened and called police.

The Hussain family’s three daughters were all in tears as both their mother and father were challenged to fights and threatened with being bottled.

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