On Tommy Robinson For Gavin Ashenden’s Edification

A potentially misleading social media post from  Gavin Ashenden He was arrested whilst filming, that does not mean he was arrested for filming. There’s a big difference here. If Rev Peter Bell had been  arrested for grooming offences whilst playing golf it does not mean he was arrested for playing golf. Gavin Ashenden needs to… Read More ›

UKIP Candidate Who Called Islam “Evil Cult” Barred From Standing For Party

  The Express and Star reports that a UKIP candidate who claimed on Facebook that Islam was an “evil cult” and that European integration was a form of “genocide” has been banned from standing for the party in the Black Country. Steve Latham stood for Parliament in West Bromwich East in the General Election earlier this year when… Read More ›

VIDEO: Islamophobic Attack Against Disabled Turkish Muslim On London Bus

Another video has emerged of a vicious Islamophobic attack on a Turkish Muslim man by a passenger on a London bus, whilst members of the public idly watched. WARNING THIS VIDEO CONTAINS FOUL LANGUAGE! Source: DOAM

Why Do So Many UKIP Candidates Have A problem With Islam?

By HopeNotHate.org.uk Why do so many UKIP candidates have a problem with Islam? Here we have Adam Duffield, UKIP candidate for the St Budeaux ward on Plymouth City Council. Some of his political mentors appear to be leading members of far right parties, such as Simon Darby of the BNP and Paul Weston of Liberty… Read More ›

Hobson’s Hatred: Nottingham UKIP Candidate Exposed

By  Simon Cressy / HopeNotHate.org.uk Just nine days to go and the list of UKIP candidates who can’t control themselves on social media just gets bigger and bigger. Latest on the list is Nottingham candidate Shaun Hobson who is standing as the UKIP candidate in the Aspley ward on Nottingham city council. Hobson isn’t someone… Read More ›

Nigel Farage, ‘Jews Are Fearful Of Muslims’

  The Jewish Chronicle this week features an interview with UKIP party leader, Nigel Farage, following on from last week’s interview with the new party candidate for Hendon, Dr Raymond Shamash. Shamash replaced the former candidate for Hendon, Jeremy Zeid, who was forced to step down after tweeting comments suggesting the US President, Barack Obama,… Read More ›

Nigel Farage Says UKIP Would Scrap Race Discrimination Laws

  The Guardian and Independent front pages yesterday reported on comments Nigel Farage is said to have made in a documentary fronted by former chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips, and due to air on Channel 4 next week about scrapping race discrimination legislation in the UK and referring to Muslims… Read More ›

Bobby Jindal Believes That Muslims Have Established ‘No-Go Zones’ In Europe

Conservative politicians seem eager to latch on to this new theory that Muslim communities have established “no-go” zones in Europe in which each nation’s laws do not apply and in which non-Muslims cannot go. While it sounds considerably akin to previous deeply prejudiced “theories” about individual groups (Gypsies, Jews, and so forth) and their secret… Read More ›

A Moroccan Man Murdered In ‘Islamophobic’ Attack In France

Sad! A Moroccan man was murdered in his home front of his family and more than 50 mosques have been attacked in France since January 6th. Why aren’t police protecting the Muslim community? You know what is the most frustrating of all this, if the killer was Muslim, all Muslims are evil terrorists and their religion… Read More ›

Family Suffer Barrage Of ‘Disgusting’ Racial Abuse While On Holiday

A Muslim family went out to have a nice time as they thought. But this was short-lived, when a number of racists, Islamophobic, ignorant mischief-makers started hurling abuse at the family. This is not an isolated incident there are many similar incidents of this that occur up and down in Europe. By Gazettelive.co.uk Two 23-year-old… Read More ›