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President Trump’s Silence On White Supremacist Adam Purinton’s Terror Attack

An Anti-Muslim “white supremacist” shoots 3 people on Wednesday, none of them were Muslim – killing one while shouting, “Get outta my country!” Just before Adam Purinton’s arrest he told a bar waitress that he had killed “two Middle Eastern men”, “that he needed a place to hide out because he had just killed two Middle… Read More ›

Three Muslim Worshippers Shot Inside Mosque In Zurich

It has been reported that three Muslim worshippers are injured in a gun attack in a Zurich mosque. The attacker is on the run. There is a manhunt to capture the criminal. the police have said that an unidentified person entered the Islamic centre, not far from the city’s main train station, on Monday evening… Read More ›

Prophet Muhammed On The Senseless Killings In Munich

The senseless and savage killing of innocent people in Munich has saddened many people in Germany and around the world. Their families and friends haven’t stopped mourning for their lost ones. Those that have left, have not yet been buried. It has made us and many others speechless and our thoughts go out to the… Read More ›

Taking Up Muhammed Ali’s Torch And Orlando

Imam Zaid Shakir reflecting on Muhammed Ali’s legacy and giving his thoughts on the barbarous act in Orlando. Imam Zaid Shakir: Taking up Ali’s Torch Physically, the last phase of Muhammad Ali’s life was very difficult. The ravages of Parkinson’s Disease had robbed him of his health, vigor and voice. Spiritually, however, Ali was only… Read More ›

History Of U.S.’s Deadliest Mass Shootings Against Native Indians

It is claimed time after time by the media, in the past few days that the Orlando shooting was the ‘deadliest’ mass shooting in history. This is incorrect and very misleading. “Wounded Knee” is, where the U.S. Government massacred over 250 Sioux men, women and children. The Native Indians, were massacred. Yes, one of the… Read More ›

Muslims In NYC Remember The Lives Lost In Orlando Shooting

More than 200 Muslims gathered to pray for the victims of the Orlando shooting and to break their fast for the month of Ramadan at Iftar in the Park.

Professor On Orlando Shooter, May Have Had Severe Mental Health Problems

Since Sandy Hook, there has been over 1000 ‘mass shootings‘ in the U.S. This year alone 2016, we haven’t even finished half of the year yet, there has been nearly 24000 gun violence. On mass shootings this year: there has been 137 mass shootings in America. Seung-Hui Cho for example murdered 32 innocent people in 2007,… Read More ›

Imam Zaid Shakir’s Thoughts On Orlando Shooting

Imam Zaid Shakir is one of the leading religious leaders in America. Only few days ago he led the Janaza (funeral prayer) for the boxer, Muhammad Ali. He is quite saddened that a ‘deranged’, mentally unstable man who happens to have Muslim sounding name has committed such a barbaric act against innocent people. Imam Zaid… Read More ›

Canadian Imams Condemn Orlando Shooting – Their Prayers And Thoughts Are With Victims And Their Families

DTT: Islamic religious leaders, the Imams in Canada have come out to strongly condemn the barbaric killing of innocent people in Orlando. Their prayers and thoughts are with the victims and their families during these hard times. Canadian Council of Imams statement: The Canadian Council of Imams (CCI) strongly condemns the mass shooting in Orlando… Read More ›

History Of U.S.’s Deadliest Mass Shootings Against African Americans

Before the mass media spreads lies about Orlando incident being the ‘deadliest’ mass shooting in U.S. history, let us not forget African-Americans houses set on fire, lynched, and murdered in the 100s and 1000s, all because of their skin colour. 1. East St. Louis Race Riot: 1917. It is estimated that 200 to 700 people… Read More ›