History Of U.S.’s Deadliest Mass Shootings Against African Americans

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Before the mass media spreads lies about Orlando incident being the ‘deadliest’ mass shooting in U.S. history, let us not forget African-Americans houses set on fire, lynched, and murdered in the 100s and 1000s, all because of their skin colour.

1. East St. Louis Race Riot: 1917. It is estimated that 200 to 700 people were killed as a result of this:

“On July 2, 1917, the violence resumed. Men, women, and children were beaten and shot to death. Around six o’ clock that evening, white mobs began to set fire to the homes of black residents. Residents had to choose between burning alive in their homes, or run out of the burning houses, only to be met by gunfire. In other parts of the city, white mobs began to lynch African Americans against the backdrop of burning buildings. As darkness came and the National Guard returned, the violence began to wane, but did not come to a complete stop.”

2. Arkansas Massacre of 1919. Estimated 237 to 800 people were lynched, beaten and murdered:

“No one could know it at the time, but within a year these inauspicious meetings would lead to one of the worst episodes of racial violence in U.S. history. Initiated by whites, the violence—by any measure, a massacre—claimed the lives of 237 African Americans, according to a just released report from the Equal Justice Initiative. The death toll was unusually high, but the use of racial violence to subjugate blacks during this time was not uncommon. As the Equal Justice Initiative observes, “Racial terror lynching was a tool used to enforce Jim Crow laws and racial segregation—a tactic for maintaining racial control by victimizing the entire African American community, not merely punishment of an alleged perpetrator for a crime.” This was certainly true of the massacre in Phillips County, Arkansas.

3. Tulsa Massacre 1921. Estimated 300 black people and over were murdered:

“In the early morning hours of June 1, 1921, Black Tulsa was looted and burned by white rioters. Governor Robertson declared martial law, and National Guard troops arrived in Tulsa. Guardsmen assisted firemen in putting out fires, took imprisoned blacks out of the hands of vigilantes and imprisoned all black Tulsans not already interned. Over 6,000 people were held at the Convention Hall and the Fairgrounds, some for as long as eight days. Twenty-four hours after the violence erupted, it ceased. In the wake of the violence, 35 city blocks lay in charred ruins, over 800 people were treated for injuries and contemporary reports of deaths began at 36. In 2001, the Tulsa Race Riot Commission released a report indicating that historians now believe close to 300 people died in the riot.”

Rosewood Massacre, 1923. The Police, those in authority have for years hidden and concealed the number of blacks killed. They put the numbers around eight to ten people. In reality, those African-Americans who witnessed the death of their own people put the number at around 40 to 150 being murdered.

“…those survivors who were interviewed by Singleton placed the number of African American dead at a disturbingly higher number: 40 to a possible 150.” (Source: Filmography of American History by Grant Annis George Tracey, page 53)

The media are in a habit of when they like to start history off.

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  1. I think conciliatory note here can be more perfect

  2. thanks for this post. also, let’s not forget the mass shootings/murders of native peoples in the US.

  3. Our country is not there yet, we have not over-come, even now, they won’t tell the truth about America’s worst mass-killings were done to African Americans, When it comes to gay people even though they are not popular of most Americans they are still more important than black people.

  4. I think it’s really f***** up what African Americans went through I’m just thinking about all the people that died in those massacres… they didn’t even care if they were killing children imagine you’re put in a situation where you have to choose whether you burn to death in fire or step out of the house and get shot up…. I’m thankful that I was born in a time of civilization I know racism is still strong but it will not take us down they tried time and time again to wipe out our existence but they cannot no matter what they do…….


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