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Syrian Refugee “Flood:” Fearmongering Ignores Facts

In the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis, which has forced more than four million people to flee that country’s civil war, fears over the geopolitical fallout have gripped some quarters of the American public. Amid intense conversations about how to deal with the throngs of stranded people seeking shelter and safety in the West, right-wing… Read More ›

POLL: ‘Majority Of Republicans Want To Ban Islam’

We hear a lot about religious freedom from conservatives these days, but what do they actually mean when they use that term? A new poll out of Iowa sheds some light… But it appears as though both conservative newbies are basing their resistance against widespread backlash on a targeted understanding of the extreme right-wing Iowa… Read More ›

FBI: Much-Feared Australian ISIS Jihadist is actually 20-Yr-Old Jewish Troll In Florida

  From The Sydney Morning Herald: A young Jewish American man has been charged with pretending to be an Australian-based Islamic State jihadist after a FBI joint investigation with the Australian Federal Police based on information provided by Fairfax Media.Joshua Ryne Goldberg, a 20-year old living at his parents’ house in US state of Florida,… Read More ›

Bradford School Refers Member Of Staff’s “Tasteless And Offensive” Facebook Post To Police

  Bradford’s Telegraph and Argus reports on an investigation launched by South Yorkshire police after staff a member at Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College allegedly shared a “tasteless and offensive” post from the far right group, Britain First, on her Facebook page. The post, which shows an image of women in niqab and states “share… Read More ›

VIDEO: Experts Reveal How Media Spread Hate And Bigotry Against Muslims

The industry of Anti-Muslim bigotry or as some know it as ‘Islamophobia’. How the media profit from spreading hate and lies about Muslims and Islam. The Profit Of Islam. “The Profit of Islam exposes the complex relationship between Islamophobia and the media in the UK, fusing a range of archive footage and interviews with experts… Read More ›

British Survivor Says Muslim ‘Tunisians Formed Human Shield To Protect Tourists’

DTT: A survivor has told the story of how more foreign tourists would have died if it wasn’t for the brave Muslims Tunisians forming a human-shield, trying to protect the tourists. The survivor, John Yeoman, who was in a pool when he heard the gunfire, said the men in the background of the picture (below)… Read More ›

London Primary School Bans Fasting During Ramadan

A primary school in East London has banned fasting during Ramadan, writes Roshan Muhammed Salih.  Barclay Primary School made the announcement in a letter to parents yesterday, although a paragraph at the end of the letter hints that there may be exceptions to the rule. After announcing that the school appreciates that this is a… Read More ›

82-Year-Old Sikh Man Beaten With A Pipe Because Attacker Thought He Was Muslim

DTT: An 82 year old Sikh man was preparing free meals for the homeless when he was attacked because the attacker thought he was Muslim. This attack happened as a result of the hate and propaganda being peddle by the media and neo-Nazi groups. The thug who attacked Mr. Piara Singh is facing 13 years… Read More ›

Terroristic Threats Against Couple In Car Motivated By Bias

DTT: Peaceful Muslim couple were waiting to pick-up their son when they were terrorized at gunpoint by a thug whose name is Nancy Kay Knoble. This is the reality of hate spewed by some of the media, at the end it gets people like her to do something she wouldn’t have done, if some of the… Read More ›

Australia: Anti-Racists Outnumbered Neo-Nazi’s Hate-Rally

DTT: Anti-racist protesters outnumbered Neo-Nazi’s hate-rally. I worry about events such as these happening in multiple locations around the world where Muslims are a minority. Few days ago was a hate-rally in Texas, where many bigots came out wielding military rifles at innocent Muslims at the mosque. I am quote sure all these hate-rallies are… Read More ›