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VIDEO: American Muslims Laugh At Anti-Muslim Bigots

In this funny video American Muslims respond to Anti-Muslim comments left on social media after a local daycare mosque was burnt down.

Media’s Hate Campaign Has A Dark Reality – Controls The Minds Of Masses

The media’s hate campaign has a dark reality to it, in its control of the minds of the masses. This goes for both ‘left’ and ‘right’ leaning corporate news channels spreading ignorance, fear, hate, and bigotry. Islamophobia is real, but love is greater than hate. Source: Mint Press News (FB)

‘Love Not Hate’ Rally Held At Phoenix Mosque

The anti-Muslim protest outside a Phoenix mosque got a lot of media attention last week, but a follow-up interfaith gathering at the mosque last night hasn’t received as much attention. Dozens of groups – some religious and some not – from all walks of life came to Phoenix mosque and organized the “Love Rally” as… Read More ›

Belgium: 30 Muslim Girls Sent Home For Wearing Long Skirts

DTT: 30 girls were send home because they wore long skirts and chose to be modest and not show their bodies. Secularists in Western countries are the biggest hypocrites in the world. They implement rules and laws and tell their people that they are “free to do whatever they like”, choose whatever one wants to… Read More ›

Change Of Heart For Anti-Islam Protester At Phoenix Mosque

Photos show Jason Leger with the organizer of the rally, both of them wore profanity-laced t-shirts. Now things have changed. “Out of respect for the Islamic people, knowing what I know now, because I have talked to them and spoke to them, no I would not do that again, just because I don’t want to… Read More ›

Sickening Racist Attack On Man Doing His Job Delivering Takeaway Food

DTT: Sickening racist attack on poor man doing his job, delivering Takeaway food. We hope and pray Mr. Shah recovers from his injuries soon and that his little kids also recover from the trauma of seeing their dad so badly hurt. The Telegraph And Argus A father from Bradford who moved from Pakistan to Britain… Read More ›

CAIR Seeks Terror Probe Of Threats To Kill Arizona Muslims

Arizona mosques receive threatening letters, a Muslim group says. “These letters clearly constitute threats of domestic terrorism targeting a religious minority and should be labelled as such and investigated accordingly by Arizona law enforcement authorities and the FBI,” Siddiqi said in the CAIR statement.  

Phoenix Mosque Hate-Protest Organizer Wants $10 Million

DTT: The bigot who staged a hate-protest front of a mosque, wielding guns at innocent people now wants 10 Million dollars for his safety. The minute this individual said he had to go into hiding, my gut feeling was telling me there was something up. That he is a fraud, just wants 10 minute fame… Read More ›

Professor Was Discriminated Against Because Of Her Conversion To Islam

DTT: Americans are taught from the get go that this the land of the free. That everyone is equal. I find it terribly disturbing that in the 21st century we have specific groups (Muslims) of people who are discriminated against on a daily basis. Lori Maria who is a Professor was struck of from her… Read More ›

Right-Wing Lunatics Threaten To Kill Muslim Men, Women And Children

DTT: Haven’t these low-lives better things to do than threaten to kill innocent people, men, women and kids? Some of the media need to take full responsibility that what they show on their shows does spread against certain minority communities. Media need to be more cautious at what they present, instead of scare-mongering about minorities… Read More ›