Right-Wing Lunatics Threaten To Kill Muslim Men, Women And Children

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DTT: Haven’t these low-lives better things to do than threaten to kill innocent people, men, women and kids?

Some of the media need to take full responsibility that what they show on their shows does spread against certain minority communities. Media need to be more cautious at what they present, instead of scare-mongering about minorities (Muslims). We need to bring communities together, NOT divide them.

I hope the FBI does take this seriously and arrests these terrorists before they hurt anyone.

By William Pitts / 12 News

Two Arizona mosques have received violent hate mail in the last few days, possibly as a backlash to the shootings in Garland, Texas weeks ago.

The letters are addressed to Usama Shami, president of the Islamic Cultural Center of Phoenix. Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi, the gunmen in the Garland shooting, both attended Shami’s mosque years ago. Shami said they stopped coming regularly in 2010.

The letter is a long, rambling rant against Islam and Muslims, calling for the destruction of all mosques in the United States, restitution for Americans killed by Islamic extremists, and the killing of two Muslims for every American or American ally killed.

“I don’t take these things seriously but at the same time you have to be vigilant all the time,” Shami said. “It takes only one misguided individual.”

Shami said the mosque receives hate mail almost weekly, but it’s gone up since the Garland shooting. Community leaders say this letter is different in the amount of violence it advocates.

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