Israel Seizes Nearly 800 Palestinian Firms In Jerusalem

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DTT: Racially superior claim , racial segregation, stealing businesses of “inferior” races…

I hope one day I do wake in a World where there is peace, Where there is no more hunger, no more violence, no more wars, no more racism and injustice. How could humans do this to each other? What have we become as a human society where there is discrimination, stealing from other humans?


Some 790 Palestinian firms based in occupied Jerusalem are being transferred to Jewish ownership, Jordanian newspaper Al-Ghad reported yesterday.

Director of the Maps and Survey Department in the Orient House in Jerusalem, Khalil Al-Tafakji, said: “These properties are owned by Arab Palestinian families, including 595 residential apartments, 186 shops and 15 Islamic, nine Christian and 60 public facilities.”

“The Israeli occupation confiscated these firms in 1968, turned them into state property, and now it is turning them into the ownership of Jewish settlers.”

Al-Tafakji stressed: “The recent Israeli announcement to build new settlement units in occupied Jerusalem was a step towards turning Palestinian properties to Jewish settlers.” He noted that the Israeli occupation does not hide its occupation and settlement plans.

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