Sickening Racist Attack On Man Doing His Job Delivering Takeaway Food

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DTT: Sickening racist attack on poor man doing his job, delivering Takeaway food. We hope and pray Mr. Shah recovers from his injuries soon and that his little kids also recover from the trauma of seeing their dad so badly hurt.

The Telegraph And Argus

A father from Bradford who moved from Pakistan to Britain in 2004 says he was lucky to be alive after being attacked outside a pub by group of people.

In the night of the attack, Nafees Hussain Shah, 31, says he was on the shift of delivering Takeaway food.

Someone ordered a Takeaway, when Mr. Shah arrived at Chequerfield Hotel pub, he asked a man standing near the pub if he had ordered any food.

As the man approached the car, window was down, Mr. Shah was repeatedly punched in the face. At the same time a second man joined the fight and got into the car – dragging Mr. Shah out of the vehicle. He was repeatedly punched and kicked.

A third person joined in hurling racist remarks at Mr. Shah. …

Read the full story atThe Telegraph and Argus

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