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Is This Britain’s Sickest Nazi?

Meet David Wright from Barnsley in South Yorkshire. He runs the ‘Yorkshire Infidels’ a tiny gang of wannabe Nazis who spend most of their time in the pub and on Facebook promising to do all kinds of things to little kids. This morning, David posted a beheading video on the group’s facebook page. It was… Read More ›

Sickening Racist Attack On Man Doing His Job Delivering Takeaway Food

DTT: Sickening racist attack on poor man doing his job, delivering Takeaway food. We hope and pray Mr. Shah recovers from his injuries soon and that his little kids also recover from the trauma of seeing their dad so badly hurt. The Telegraph And Argus A father from Bradford who moved from Pakistan to Britain… Read More ›

BNP splinter group Britain First ‘invades’ mosques and hands out Bibles

By Lamiat Sabin – dailystar.co.uk A FAR-RIGHT splinter group has been slammed after accosting Muslims and storming into mosques trying to hand out Bibles and anti-grooming leaflets.   Britain First extremists staged the protests outside 10 mosques on Saturday.The group then posted images of members targeting Muslims in Bradford to its Facebook page.Labour councillor Nazam Azam… Read More ›

George Galloway: Do not react to far-right mosque leaflet ‘invasions’

By thetelegraphandargus.co.uk Talks were being held with police in Bradford today about ways to stop a far-right group going into mosques to distribute leaflets Supporters of a group calling itself Britain First visited a number of mosques in the city on Saturday. They are believed to have walked in unannounced to hand out leaflets before being… Read More ›

Far-right ‘Britain First’ activists “invade” mosques

By 5Pillarz Far-right activists have targeted mosques across Scotland and northern England, attempting to hand out Bibles and distribute leaflets accusing community elders of failing to stop grooming gangs. It is believed members of Britain First, some wearing uniforms, staged protests at 10 places of worship in Bradford city centre over the weekend. The group… Read More ›