George Galloway: Do not react to far-right mosque leaflet ‘invasions’

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Bradford Telegraph and Argus: George Galloway MP

George Galloway MP

Talks were being held with police in Bradford today about ways to stop a far-right group going into mosques to distribute leaflets Supporters of a group calling itself Britain First visited a number of mosques in the city on Saturday.

They are believed to have walked in unannounced to hand out leaflets before being asked to leave.

Britain First, led by Paul Golding, who is a former British National Party councillor, claimed its activists were trying to speak to Imams, but described its actions as ‘invasions of mega mosques’.

Bradford West MP George Galloway accused the group of deliberately trying to inflame racial tensions and urged the Muslim community not to react.

He said his aides were meeting senior police officers today about the situation.

Mr Galloway (Respect) said: “It is an action which can only exacerbate racial tensions, which is no doubt the intention.

“I am urging the Muslim community, in Bradford and elsewhere, not to react to this provocation.”

Britain First was reported to have carried out similar action in Glasgow yesterday.

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