Media’s Hate Campaign Has A Dark Reality – Controls The Minds Of Masses

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Pic From Mint Press News Facebook page

The media’s hate campaign has a dark reality to it, in its control of the minds of the masses. This goes for both ‘left’ and ‘right’ leaning corporate news channels spreading ignorance, fear, hate, and bigotry.

Islamophobia is real, but love is greater than hate.

SourceMint Press News (FB)

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  1. Thanks for your articles. It’s an unfortunate reality that Muslims are experiencing more and more bigotry.

  2. Yea, quite unfortunate!

    I daily feel sorry and sorry that lot of so-called civilized people are bent on demonizing whole lot of people that make as much as quater of the people of the world for the crime of a fringe (less than 1%) among them, paint every aspect of their beliefs and themselves in the blackest color to be hated by the world!

    They suceeded in making many people so hateful of Muslims as to constantly physically assault them!

    Is such a behavior religious or atheistic morality – how much less could it be ‘civilization’?

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