Travelling While Being Jewish In Arab-Palestinian Neighbourhoods (VIDEO)

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DTT: This is a great video, showing how a Jewish man travelled throughout Arab neighbourhoods. He felt safe whilst there. He was welcomed by the Palestinians. Hugged and given food.

“Too many times I heard Jewish friends ask if visiting me would be “safe”, if the area I’m in is not too “dangerous”. What the heck does that mean?

Of course, one bad event makes it easy to believe all Arab towns are dangerous for Jews. That’s false. So I invited my new friend Eliyahu McLean, a peace activist from Abrahamic Reunion, to visit me up north and do basic life stuff.

It’s crazy to believe that to prove a point I had my friend…walk….and get a drink…and visit a school.

Regarding the events filmed:

All of them were real. The reception at the school blew both of our minds. It was so heartfelt and warm.”

Watch the video here:


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