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Revisiting Banu Nadir Affair: Countering Myths

Salaam Zaid Al-Iraqi & Kaleef K. Karim Introduction: This article is a refutation to “The Religion Of Peace” (TROP) website, where the Christian missionary by the name of Glen Roberts dedicated an article to one of our article’s. Much of Glen Roberts article is no more than just his own commentary on the Banu Nadir incident… Read More ›

Countering Lies On The Banu Qaynuqa Incident

Salam Zaid I have decided to take on “The Religion Of Peace” (TROP) website, which is owned by a Christian missionary by the name of Glen Roberts. I want to dedicate a series of articles to refute their so called responses to DTT (discover the truth site). Glen Roberts made several poor and very badly… Read More ›

Travelling While Being Jewish In Arab-Palestinian Neighbourhoods (VIDEO)

DTT: This is a great video, showing how a Jewish man travelled throughout Arab neighbourhoods. He felt safe whilst there. He was welcomed by the Palestinians. Hugged and given food. “Too many times I heard Jewish friends ask if visiting me would be “safe”, if the area I’m in is not too “dangerous”. What the… Read More ›

13-Year-Old Girls Permitted To Marry By Law In New Hampshire, America (2017)

New Hampshire House voted to kill and “indefinitely postpone” bill that would raise state marriage age from 13 to 18 years. The minimum age to marry in New Hampshire, America is still 13. Last night lawmakers shot down a bill that would increase it to 18 years. Republican Politicians also voted to indefinitely postpone the bill,… Read More ›

The Propaganda “War on Christmas” Has Caused Harm

DTT: Here we go once again, some people’s willingness to believe anything they read online has caused real harm. Social media propaganda has in this case, caused harm to a poor family. In this case, false “War on Christmas” reports from right-wing media that a Jewish family was responsible for cancelling a Christmas play has led… Read More ›

Scholars On Khaybar Incident

Scholars Dr. Shawqi Abu Khalil: “The Jews of Khaibar contacted the people of the Ghatafan tribe, who were known to be mercenaries for hire. As a reward for fighting the Muslims, the Jews of Khaibar offered them a percentage of their yearly harvest, which consisted mainly of fruits and dates. They furthermore established alliances with… Read More ›

Invasion of Banu Qaynuqa?

Kaleef K. Karim The Banu Qaynuqa Jews joined a pact with the Muslims, known as the constitution of Madina. With this pact, it was written in the event of an attack by an enemy that the Jewish tribes would join in the defense. Furthermore, in the pact it was also stated that whoever is in… Read More ›

Scholars On The Banu Qaynuqa Incident

Scholars On the Banu Qaynuqa incident. Shaykh Allamah Shibli Nomani GHAZWA BANI QAINUQI (SHAWWAL, 2ND HIJRA I.E., MARCH 624 C.E.). The victory at Badr had made the Jews more apprehensive. They had seen how Islam was growing into a power. The Qainuqa, the bravest and the most powerful of all the Jewish tribes, were the… Read More ›

Analysing The Banu Nadir Incident

Kaleef K. Karim When the Muslims fled persecution at the hands of Quraysh, and came to Madinah for safety. Not long after settling, the Muslims made pact(s) with various tribes in Madinah. One of the first who joined this pact was the Banu Nadir tribe. Part of the agreement was that those who agreed to… Read More ›

Treachery Of Jewish Tribe Banu Nadir

Shaykh Allamah Shibli Nomani GHAZWA BANI NADIR (RABI AL-AWWAL, 4TH HIJRA I.E., SEPTEMBER 625 C.E.) Amr Ibn Umayya had killed two men belonging to the tribe of Amir and their blood money had not so far been paid off. A part of it, by virtue of a treaty, was to be paid by the Jews… Read More ›