Violence Against Women In Russia Is 37x Worse Than In America

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Violence against women is the leading cause of injury to women in America. In Russia, violence against women (VAW) is a shocking 37x worse than it is in America. Russia is a Christian majority nation. Its violence against women is 30x worse than Turkey.

In the year 2015 alone, over 4 million Russian reported that they had been physically abused, Russian Interior Minister said. The number is much higher when we include the unreported cases. Many women don’t report Domestic Violence cases due to “feelings of shame” in society patriarchal Russian society and or fear of retribution from the perpetrator.

So what does this mean?

It means Violence Against Women (VAW) is a worldwide epidemic that transcends religion and culture, and men need to take the lead to end it. reports:

“Yana Savchuk could have been saved. But when the 36-year-old Russian hairdresser called police in November saying that her partner was going to kill her, the officers who arrived cast off her cries for help as ridiculous.

“If you get killed, we will definitely come to examine the body,” one police officer quipped, as recorded on the victim’s phone, before leaving without offering protection. “Do not worry.”

Forty minutes later, Savchuk was dead, beaten to death by the same man police refused to arrest.

It was a domestic violence case that shocked Russia in 2016, triggering fiery debate on the role of police in addressing an epidemic that kills at least 12,000 women every year, according to Human Rights Watch. To understand how endemic Russia’s domestic violence problem is, consider it’s about 30 times worse than in neighboring Turkey, which has half the population. It’s about 37 times worse than the US which has twice the population of Russia.

Official Russian Interior Ministry statistics point to 4 million reported cases of domestic abuse in 2015 alone.

That statistic does not include the likely high number of unreported cases — many women in Russia, and around the world, do not report domestic abuse because of feelings of shame or fear of retribution.”

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