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Violence Against Women In Russia Is 37x Worse Than In America

Violence against women is the leading cause of injury to women in America. In Russia, violence against women (VAW) is a shocking 37x worse than it is in America. Russia is a Christian majority nation. Its violence against women is 30x worse than Turkey. In the year 2015 alone, over 4 million Russian reported that… Read More ›

Muslim Tatars Suffer Discrimination In Crimean Homeland Since Annexation

By The Japan Times Online SARY-SU, CRIMEA – Since Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine, armed men have shown up frequently to search the cinder-block houses, mosque and school in Sary-Su, a settlement of Crimean Tatars, a Muslim ethnic minority that has long suffered from discrimination in the peninsula, which is its historic homeland. The worst… Read More ›

Uspenski Cathedral inside the Kremlin © patriarchia.ru

Desperate Russian Church Target Muslim Immigrants

By: OnIslam & News Agencies MOSCOW – A Moscow priest has announced plans by the Russian Orthodox Church to proselytize Muslim immigrants by republishing the Bible in the Central Asian languages, including Uzbek and Tajik. “This will be our answer to the societal needs of labor migrants to culturally adapt and integrate,” Dimitry (Pershin), a priest… Read More ›

Why Sochi Has No Mosques

Islamophobia = hatred towards Muslims is gone so bad that Muslims aren’t even allowed to construct a place to worship in some Western countries. This is not the case with Sochi, even though there was opposition for the 20,000+ Muslims to construct a mosque, later it seemed an agreement was reached where Muslims could build… Read More ›