The Qur’an Defends The Sunnah Of Prophet Muhammed (p)

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Nouman Ali Khan:

One problem I see more and more is the idea that the Sunnah is questionable and it was not protected and preserved as well as the Quran.

When I became a student of the Quran over 15 years ago, one of the first lessons I could not escape is that the most powerful defense of the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the Quran itself. The only way someone can say they believe in the Quran but not the Sunnah is if they don’t study the Quran.

Watch the video here…

nouman ali khan

Nouman Ali Khan, screen-grab Youtube

Source: Bayyinah Institute

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  1. AoA Nouman, seriously you need to think man…

    why no prophet mentioned with leaving hadith, just books of Allah.

    why our prophet and writers of wahi and khulafa rashideen only distributed and stood on book of Allah’s compilation, and why no ummah Allah reference but with his books


    you might need to ask your self, why book of Allah always work and prophet only left them in their life!!

    Book of Allah no ill in its detail/

    You have my number in ur bayyinah db… call me and will have good debate iA… I might be able to bring things to your attention that you never heard or missed or misunderstood… the facts are the proofs!!



  1. (ReBlog)The Qur’an Defends The Sunnah Of Prophet Muhammed (p) – Young Determination,🌟CYNOSURE➩➩➩

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