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Muslims Are The Most Kindest People To Strangers

Where are people kindest to strangers? The kindest people in the world are Muslims. The top three countries where the people who have helped a stranger in the past month come from three fragile Muslim countries, which are war torn currently. Percentage of respondents who said they helped a stranger in the past month: 1…. Read More ›

Travelling While Being Jewish In Arab-Palestinian Neighbourhoods (VIDEO)

DTT: This is a great video, showing how a Jewish man travelled throughout Arab neighbourhoods. He felt safe whilst there. He was welcomed by the Palestinians. Hugged and given food. “Too many times I heard Jewish friends ask if visiting me would be “safe”, if the area I’m in is not too “dangerous”. What the… Read More ›

Taking Up Muhammed Ali’s Torch And Orlando

Imam Zaid Shakir reflecting on Muhammed Ali’s legacy and giving his thoughts on the barbarous act in Orlando. Imam Zaid Shakir: Taking up Ali’s Torch Physically, the last phase of Muhammad Ali’s life was very difficult. The ravages of Parkinson’s Disease had robbed him of his health, vigor and voice. Spiritually, however, Ali was only… Read More ›

Islam: “Regulation Of Warfare And The Promotion Of Peace”

DTT: A non-Muslim scholar’s perspective on how Islam regulated warfare and the promotion of peace in its historical context. Dr. Anicee van Engeland, should be commended for the balanced approach in understanding Islam and to give a perspective of how Islam originally was understood in relation to the topic of war and peace. A brief… Read More ›

The Treaty Of Hudaybiyyah

  Report Kitab al-tabaqat al-kabir – Ibn Sa’d: “Verily the Apostle of Allah performed Umrah in the year of al-Hudaybiyah in Dhu al-Qa’dah. He performed Umrah in the year he MADE PEACE WITH THE QURAYSH in Dhu al-Qa’dah.” [1] Scholar Shaykh Allama shibli Nu’mani: “The treaty of Hudaibiya holds an especial importance in the history of… Read More ›

‘Love Not Hate’ Rally Held At Phoenix Mosque

The anti-Muslim protest outside a Phoenix mosque got a lot of media attention last week, but a follow-up interfaith gathering at the mosque last night hasn’t received as much attention. Dozens of groups – some religious and some not – from all walks of life came to Phoenix mosque and organized the “Love Rally” as… Read More ›

Change Of Heart For Anti-Islam Protester At Phoenix Mosque

Photos show Jason Leger with the organizer of the rally, both of them wore profanity-laced t-shirts. Now things have changed. “Out of respect for the Islamic people, knowing what I know now, because I have talked to them and spoke to them, no I would not do that again, just because I don’t want to… Read More ›

Common misconception about the Quran