The Media Loves To Humanise A Certain People And Demonize Others

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I know it is too soon to be speaking about the sad assassination of Jo Cox, but I think people should be aware that the British media are trying to turn this into a case of rage by an ‘unstable’ and mentally ill man. At the same time they are deafeningly Jo’s assassination having any ‘terrorism’ link.

The British media have done a such a fine and ‘fantastic’ journalism into Thomas Mair’s background, they have brought out that he was a ‘loner’, ‘polite’, ‘friendly’ and ‘loved by his neighbours’. The clear evidence of him being a ‘Neo-Nazi‘ has gone over their heads.

The media have painted the alleged murderer as being a ‘nice man’, ‘friendly’, a ‘loner’ and has ‘mental health issues’. Have you ever seen such language been used for ‘Muslim’ or black perpetrators when caught doing a criminal act?

This is typical of the British media: whenever white a perpetrator is caught to have commit a crime which would be called ‘terrorism’ had it been carried out by a person who has Muslim sounding name. The media unquestionably would not have painted the murderer, assassinating a Politician as being ‘Polite’, ‘nice’ and ‘friendly’ person, had he been ‘Muslim’.

As mentioned, had this crime been carried out by Muslim, no doubt Politicians, and the media would be whipping up hatred against the Muslim community and demanding every Muslim in the country to condemn the attack and made to apologise for something they have no connection to.

With their venom, there would be more hatred from far-right, and Nazis against law abiding Muslims. More Muslim men and women and children would be attacked verbally and physically as a result.

Question is, why is the media in the habit of defending and glamorising these ‘white’ murderers? Why don’t you call them what they are, ‘Terrorists’?

Why is the British media in a habit of humanising such criminals, murderers/terrorists, but when the same crime is committed by a person of colour, the entire race or religion is demonised?

Let me just show a number of cases in Britain where white criminals who were caught with explosives or done acts that are deemed terroristic, yet the media did not call them the ‘T’ word.

1. Michael Piggin who was a long time supporter of Nazism, he was arrested along with his friends attempting to carry out massacre on Muslims. Piggin was caught with pipe bombs, smoke grenades and improvised explosives in his bedroom.

2. Terrance Gavan, Long time BNP member was given 11 years for making bombs and guns.

3. At James Arnold’s home, Police officers found 463 firearms, including rifles, machine guns and anti-tank missile along with 200.000 rounds of ammunition. They know how some of the newspapers described the criminal? They described him as being a “seemingly respectable crane operator”.

4. 19-year-old Liam Lyburd was arrested last minute when he was intending to massacre a school full of kids. He had in his possession, a gun and chemicals to make bombs. His desired to murder people and referenced Andres Breivik case.

5. Two Teenagers Plot To Bomb Buckingham Palace & Houses Of Parliament Foiled.

6. Neo-Nazi hacked a Sikh man with a machete because he thought he was a Muslim. Meet Zack Davis, a Neo-Nazi supporter, he yelled ‘White Power, this is for Lee Rigby’ whilst attacking the Sikh man with a machete.

7. Ian Foreman, In his SS cap, fanatic who called himself Adolf and plotted in his bedroom to blow up mosques: he was given 10 years in prison, Hitler worshipper.

There is more cases in this link.

In all these incidents the media did not call any of these criminals the ‘T’ word. Can you see the pattern where the media love to humanise criminals, murderers, and terrorists, but when it comes to people of colour or a person who happens to follow a particular religion they demonise not the only the perpetrator (which can be understandable if it was aimed only at the criminal) but also everyone of that particular race and religion.

Besides this, even the sentences handed down are so lenient, had the crime been committed by someone other than being ‘white’, their sentences would have been very severe, life sentences.

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Family guy, credit

Family guy, credit


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