3 New Proofs, Thomas Mair Shouted ‘Britain First’

The past few days Britain First and other right-wing media outlets have gone into overdrive to silence, to accuse witnesses of being liars and make up things to show a mythical, untrue event to the murder incident of Jo Cox. Britain First, which is a far-right organisation have for the past few days denied that… Read More ›

The Media Loves To Humanise A Certain People And Demonize Others

I know it is too soon to be speaking about the sad assassination of Jo Cox, but I think people should be aware that the British media are trying to turn this into a case of rage by an ‘unstable’ and mentally ill man. At the same time they are deafeningly Jo’s assassination having any… Read More ›

British Muslims Mourn Jo Cox Who Was Assassinated

The Muslim community in Britain and around the World, send their deepest condolences to the family and friends of Jo Cox. We will be praying for Jo’s family in the month of Ramadan. As beautiful Jo would have wanted, we need the community all to come together today and unite against violence, hate and the… Read More ›

BREXIT Fans Say Jo Cox “Deserved It” And “All Labour MPs Should Get the Same”

The Government needs to take extremism from far-right, Neo-Nazis serious. The death of Jo Cox occurred as a result of the constant propaganda being pushed by the media. The alleged killer shouted, “Britain First“. As more details emerge about him, we also have found from ‘The Southern Poverty Law Center‘ that he was “longtime supporter of the… Read More ›