Two Teenagers Plot To Bomb Buckingham Palace & Houses Of Parliament Foiled

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DTT: Two teenagers wanted to bomb Buckingham Palace and Houses of Parliament but their plot was foiled when one of their mothers called the Police.

Not Muslims. So, no mass hysteria in the media. Note, the “T” word is not applied by the media, since they are white.

I shudder to think how this would have been handled by politicians, the mainstream media, and the justice system, had this been a couple of Muslims.

Some people are more equal than others.

Are they terrorists? No! They are labelled in media as ‘teenagers”, ‘troubled school-boys’.

That is it, 12 month in prison! This is meant to be a punishment, instead these two boys are having nice little trip to juvenile prison.

Sky News reports:

Two teenagers’ plot to make bombs and blow up Buckingham Palace was foiled when they were rumbled by one of their mothers.

The 16-year-olds from the North East, who cannot be identified because they are juveniles, have been locked up for a year after they admitted taking delivery of chemicals they bought online.

Specialists subsequently confirmed that the material discovered could have been used to manufacture viable explosive devices, similar to hand grenades.

The pair were sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court having previously admitted conspiracy to make an explosive substance for unlawful purposes, and both were sentenced to a 12-month detention and training order.

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The Telegraph:

Two 15-year-old schoolboys were caught plotting to blow up the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace after one of their mothers discovered suspicious powder in her son’s room.

It turned out to be crushed paracetamol, caffeine and sucrose but she called police who unearthed a plot to carry out atrocities and suicide attacks around the UK.

After the boy’s arrest police found a message on his phone sent to his friend saying: “Fam found something, deciding if to report me, I could get life or worse if they check everything else”.

The youngsters had been buying chemicals, pipes and fuses online to make viable devices based on a recipe in the “Anarchists Cookbook”, Newcastle Crown Court heard.

In online conversations, they discussed going on a drug-fuelled rampage, killing families in their homes, making a beheading video and ending their days as wanted men.

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