British Muslims Raise Over £100,000 To Help The Homeless & Needy Across The UK

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On a cold and frosty New Years Eve 2014, Muslims from across the UK gathered at The Rex Centre in Birmingham for a very special event in support of the As-Suffa Homeless Outreach project.

The aim is to provide assistance to the most vulnerable people in the community, irrespective of race or religion. Hot meals are distributed three times a week with this project feeding over 2,500 people a month in Birmingham, Coventry, Sheffield and Leicester, with many more cities starting soon. Over 90,000 meals have been distributed in the last three years to those in need.

The event was aptly titled “When will the help of Allah descend?” and looked at putting the large number of negative events taking place across the world that lead to increasing animosity towards Muslims into perspective.

Shaykh Zahir Mahmood and Hamza Tzortzis, Head of Research at the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA), addressed the audience and inspired them to become champions of the poor and needy in our communities. The audience reciprocated by donating over £100,000 in less that 20 minutes – enough to support the As-Suffa Homeless Outreach Project for the next three years!

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