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Syrian Refugees Feeding Greece’s Homeless (Video)

DTT: These Syrian refugees take their time out every day to feed Greece’s homeless. They feed the homeless three times a day. Excerpt from the video: “These Syrian refugees are feeding Greece’s homeless. [Adel Syrian refugee]: ‘It is about the humanity, it is not about refugees. It’s not about the Greek people. It is about the… Read More ›

Syrian Refugee Feeds The Hungry And Homeless In Germany (VIDEO)

Here is a video you would love to watch. The hatred that is fuelled in the media has been unacceptable and racist in its tone. Right-wingers and the racists would hate individuals like Alex Assali simply because he was born in a different country. Alex, a Syrian refugee fleeing Daesh, now runs a charity kitchen… Read More ›

Meet The Young Man, In The Day He Fasts And In Nights Feeds The Homeless

Meet the young Muslim man, Rachid Boulsane who spends his days fasting during Ramadan, and in the nights feeding the homeless in Paris. This is the true character of a Muslim. The Quran exhorts Muslims to feed the poor: “(The righteous are those) who feed the poor, the orphan and the captive for the love… Read More ›

Homeless Bangladeshi Immigrant Saves Israeli Woman From Drowning In Italy

Italian authorities have hailed the bravery of Sobuj Khalifa, an illegal Bangladeshi immigrant, for saving a woman from drowning in Rome. In fact, they were so impressed with the gallantry of the 32-year-old that they granted him a year’s permit to remain in the city, says The Telegraph. For Khalifa, it was just another day… Read More ›

British Muslims Raise Over £100,000 To Help The Homeless & Needy Across The UK

By Iera.org     On a cold and frosty New Years Eve 2014, Muslims from across the UK gathered at The Rex Centre in Birmingham for a very special event in support of the As-Suffa Homeless Outreach project. The aim is to provide assistance to the most vulnerable people in the community, irrespective of race… Read More ›

Cardiff Muslims Feed The Homeless

Muslims across Wales are fasting for the holy month of Ramadan. But in Cardiff dozens of volunteers from the Muslim community have joined up with curry houses and takeaways to provide fresh meals for the city’s homeless. Carwyn Jones reports. Click here to watch the video. Source: BBC UK 30 June 2014