Syrian Refugees Feeding Greece’s Homeless (Video)

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DTT: These Syrian refugees take their time out every day to feed Greece’s homeless. They feed the homeless three times a day.

Excerpt from the video:

“These Syrian refugees are feeding Greece’s homeless.

[Adel Syrian refugee]: ‘It is about the humanity, it is not about refugees. It’s not about the Greek people. It is about the human.’

Adel and his friends collect spare food from the camps and donate it to those sleeping on the streets.

[Malina – Greek mother]: ‘I didn’t know they were refugees. I would like to thank them. They come three times a day, lunchtime and at night as well.’

The refugees team up with volunteers distribute food.

Volunteers say the refugees know where the most vulnerable are living.

[Lewis Phillips – volunteer] ‘The way we found the families staying in the apartment blocks here was actually, a refugee who was helping us out. And he would spend his time during the day when he first arrived 9 months ago to find everybody in the city that needed help. Like homeless refugees. Homeless Greeks.’

Temperatures in northern Greece have fallen to -10.

The cold presents a huge humanitarian challenge for those trying to help refugees.

[Adel Syrian refugee]: ‘ I don’t care if they are Greek and I am a refugee from Syria. I don’t care, they are still a human.'”

Watch the video here:


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Source: “Al Jazeera

Screenshot from Al Jazeera video

Screenshot from Al Jazeera video

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