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Prophet Muhammed’s Charity To Non-Muslims

Kaleef K. Karim Note: The reports below were taken from the classical book, “Kitab al-Amwaal” by the famous scholar Abu Ubayd al-Qasim Ibn Sallam who was born in the year 774 and died in 838 CE. Prophet Muhammed’s Charity To Non-Muslims, (1992) “… that the Messenger of God (p) used to give charity to a… Read More ›

Muslims Are The Most Kindest People To Strangers

Where are people kindest to strangers? The kindest people in the world are Muslims. The top three countries where the people who have helped a stranger in the past month come from three fragile Muslim countries, which are war torn currently. Percentage of respondents who said they helped a stranger in the past month: 1…. Read More ›

Syrian Refugees Feeding Greece’s Homeless (Video)

DTT: These Syrian refugees take their time out every day to feed Greece’s homeless. They feed the homeless three times a day. Excerpt from the video: “These Syrian refugees are feeding Greece’s homeless. [Adel Syrian refugee]: ‘It is about the humanity, it is not about refugees. It’s not about the Greek people. It is about the… Read More ›

These Walls Are Helping The Poor Iranians Stay Warm This winter (Video)

JM: This is a great idea that is going direct to the people in need. Donating your clothes to a clothes bank charity does not necessarily mean your clothes will reach the poor who are in need. In fact, when you donate your clothes to a charity, it is usually the trading arm of the charity… Read More ›

Positive News Stories On Muslims?

Given that positive news stories about Muslims and Islam always gets buried and forgotten, we will from now on allocate this article to positive stories coming from the media. It will be an easy database. Our intention is to provide readers easy access to news articles without the need of looking through search engines as… Read More ›

The Muslim Contributions To Ireland – Untold Story (VIDEO)

In this time and age, Muslims and the religion of Islam are being associated with extremism and terrorism and as a barbaric people who know nothing but violence, as the mainstream media likes to portray us. Ustadh Wahaj Tarin discusses the real legacy of Muslims and unfolds an untold historical event when the Caliph Abdul… Read More ›

British Muslims Gave £100 Million To Charitable Causes In Ramadan

DTT: British Muslims have estimated to have given nearly £100 Million to charitable causes this Ramadan alone. To put things in perspective, this money equates to around £38 a second. The following article was published on Charity Commission’s blog: “As we often do at periods of increased charitable giving, we issued advice at the beginning… Read More ›

Meet The Young Man, In The Day He Fasts And In Nights Feeds The Homeless

Meet the young Muslim man, Rachid Boulsane who spends his days fasting during Ramadan, and in the nights feeding the homeless in Paris. This is the true character of a Muslim. The Quran exhorts Muslims to feed the poor: “(The righteous are those) who feed the poor, the orphan and the captive for the love… Read More ›

American Muslims Raise Over $100k (So Far) For San Bernardino Victims

A new campaign called Muslims United for San Bernardino has been created via LaunchGood “to assist victims’ families with funeral expenses and other needs.” In just four days, American Muslims have raised over $100,000 from donors across the country. So far, eighty percent of the current donations have come from American Muslims. This past year, a similar campaign was created by American Muslims who… Read More ›

MUSLIM Woman Develops Phone App To Feed 600,000 Homeless People In San Francisco

DTT: *MUSLIM* Californian woman develops phone app to feed almost 600,000 homeless people in San Francisco… The mainstream media has a habit of omitting ‘Muslim’ whenever there is a positive story, yet if this was a negative story ‘MUSLIM WOMAN’ would be plastered across as the headline. The Independent reports: A Californian woman, who developed… Read More ›