Positive News Stories On Muslims?

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Given that positive news stories about Muslims and Islam always gets buried and forgotten, we will from now on allocate this article to positive stories coming from the media. It will be an easy database. Our intention is to provide readers easy access to news articles without the need of looking through search engines as it is time-consuming.

Whenever there is a positive story, this article will be updated.

55. LINK – “Bus driver hailed a hero after stopping woman motorist being carjacked” –
Muhammad Shahid Mahmood quick-thinking and bravery has been rewarded by being nominated for an award. 21st April 2017 (*)

54. LINK – “Muslim Egyptians donate blood to deadly church blast victims”. 9th April 2017

53. LINK – “‘Punishing her will not bring my daughter back:’ Saudi forgives Indonesian who killed his child”. 24th March 2017

52. LINK – “‘Incredible act of tolerance – Echo readers hail stance of race-hate attack victim” 22nd March 2017

51. LINK – “Muslims ‘First on Scene’ Helping Injured Christians in Terror Attack in Egypt: Priest”. 6th March 2017

50. LINK – “Muslims Dominated Clean Up Australia Day, But You Probably Didn’t Hear About It”. 7th March 2017

49. LINK – “A Muslim-Run Clinic in USA is Providing Free Healthcare to All Americans!” 12th March 2017

48. LINK – “Shop worker gives mum a break by taking her baby while he scans shopping”. 22nd February 2017. Mubarak Ahmad, a checkout worker from M&S, gives mum a break by taking her baby while he scans shopping.

47. LINK – “A prominent Muslim group just offered a reward to catch people targeting Jewish centers”. 21st February 2017

46. LINK – “Hero neighbour describes rescuing teenager after suspected arson attack on her home”. 21st February 2017. Rochdale Muslim man saves neighbours from fire: “I’ve not done it to be a hero. My religion says you look after your neighbour so that is what I did.”

45. LINK – “Muslim-American activists raise more than $20,000 in 2 hours to repair vandalized Jewish cemetery”, 21st February 2017

44. LINK – “British Muslims serving to London homeless”. 17th February 2017

43. LINK – “Muslim postmaster saves elderly customer after foiling MoneyGram scam”. 17th February 2017

42. LINK – “Mosque and football fans team up to help battle hunger in Liverpool”. 14th February 2017

41. LINK – “Saudi man travels to Abu Dhabi to help release Indian from prison”. 12th February 2017

40. LINK – “‘I know they are going to die.’ This foster father takes in only terminally ill children”. 8th February 2017

39. LINK – “The Forgotten Stories of Muslims Who Saved Jewish People During the Holocaust” 27th January 2017

38. LINK – “Businessman clears debts of 132 prisoners in Ajman”. Brief statement: “DUBAI // A billionaire gold merchant has paid Dh150,000 to release 132 prisoners from Ajman central jail. Firoz Merchant, founder and chairman of Pure Gold Jewellers, vowed to spend Dh3.8 million this year paying off the debts of prisoners languishing in the country’s jails.” 24th January 2017

37. LINK – “Muslim schoolboy rejects £5million from American investors for money-saving website” 24th January 2017

36. LINK – “Two Muslim schools in Blackburn have come first and second in the Department for Education’s national league tables.” 20th January 2017

35. LINK – “Central Florida Muslims open free health clinic” 13th January 2017

34. LINK – “Lunchtime soup kitchen for the homeless set up in Whitechapel by Muslim Aid charity”. 12th January 2017

33. LINK – “These Syrian refugees are feeding Greece’s homeless” 12th January 2017

32. LINK – “Mosques raise a staggering £61,500 to help cancer patients at Royal Preston Hospital” 11th January 2017

31. LINK – “Marché Ferdous Muslims give free food to hungry Montrealers” 6th January 2017

30. LINK – “Muslim volunteers do New Year’s Day clean up of Huddersfield town centre” 1st January 2017

29. LINK – “Muslim Leaders Dance With Jews for Hanukkah in Heartwarming Show of Unity” 29th December 2016

28. LINK – “Christians enjoy peace, security in Iran: Archbishop” 1st January 2017

27. LINK – “Vancouver mosque operates as homeless shelter due to cold” 27th December 2016

26. LINK – “Muslim friends spread Christmas cheer to Manchester homeless” 22nd December 2016

25. LINK – “Redbridge Muslims donate hundreds of items to Salvation Army homeless shelter” 21st December 2016

24. LINK – “Qatar scraps National Day festivities over Aleppo and launches fundraiser” 21st December 2016

23. LINK – “Muslim Chip shop owner to feed elderly and homeless on Christmas Day” 21st December 2016

22. LINK – “Muslims and Christians team up to help homeless” 21st December 2016

21. LINK – “Berlin’s Muslim community sends message of peace and solidarity after Christmas market attack” 21st December 2016

20. LINK – “Muslim Hijabi Victim Forgives Woman Who Smashed Beer Mug In Her Face” 21st December 2016

19. LINK – “Muslim businessman buys giant Christmas tree to show solidarity with Baghdad’s Christians” 17th December 2016

18. LINK – “Aisha Buhari donates food items to Christians for Christmas” 17th December 2016

17. LINK – “Thousands of Muslims donate 10 tonnes of food to help homeless Londoners at Christmas” 17th December 2016

16. LINK – “Hindus, Muslims among America’s best-educated groups, report finds” 14th December 2016

15. LINK – “Mosques and Muslim charity donate £13,600 to assist stroke patients in Lancashire” 14th December 2016

14. LINK – “Ireland’s Muslims more educated than general population” 12th December 2016

13. LINK – “17 Muslim American Women Who Made America Great In 2016″ 12th December 2016

12. LINK – “Tennessee Muslims Help Wildfire Victims” 9th December 2016

11. LINK – “Generous Saudi comes to the rescue of Pakistani driver” 13th December 2016

10. LINK – “Two young Muslim men come to the aid of woman who’s phone is mugged” 3rd November 2016

9. LINK – “Cleaner in Saudi Arabia showered with gifts after social media mockery” 6th December 2016

8. LINK – “Muslim-owned restaurant offers elderly and homeless free meals on Christmas Day so ‘no one eats alone’” 5th December 2016

7. LINK – “Dallas-area Muslims pack survival kits for homeless to say “you’re not alone‘” 1st December 2016

6. LINK – “Israeli Arab Muslims donate wood to rebuild burned synagogue” 1st December 2016

5. LINK – “Liverpool and Everton fans team up with England’s oldest mosque to help city food banks” 29th November 2016

4. LINK – “Incredible story of Muslim restaurant owner in Washington who feeds the homeless for free” July 13th, 2016

3. LINK – “Pakistan Province Bans Forced Conversions of Christian Girls to Islam”. 29th November 2016

2. LINK – “Palestinians, Egypt, Jordan send firefighting teams to help put out Israeli wildfires” 23rd November 2016

1. LINK – “Muslim charity collects more than 1,000 coats and winter clothes for homeless“. 23rd November 2016


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