Syrian Refugee Feeds The Hungry And Homeless In Germany (VIDEO)

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Here is a video you would love to watch. The hatred that is fuelled in the media has been unacceptable and racist in its tone. Right-wingers and the racists would hate individuals like Alex Assali simply because he was born in a different country. Alex, a Syrian refugee fleeing Daesh, now runs a charity kitchen in Berlin, feeding the hungry and the homeless in Germany.

Brief statement from Al-Jazeera about Alex Assali:

“Alex Assali became a refugee twice: once fleeing Assad in Syria and later fleeing ISIL in Libya. We met him after a photo of him feeding the homeless in Berlin went viral.”

Read more about Alex Assali’s story here: ‘The Syrian Refugee Giving Back To Germany

Watch the video here:

Source: Al Jazeera English

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  1. Brexit is definitely not fuelled by hate. Muslims have lived and assimilated well in Britain. It is only since heavy handed foreign policy created refugees, and radical Islam has sought to spread intolerance and hatred of those that won’t agree to its dictates, such as women and homosexuals, that British people have said enough. Let us stop the immigration until will can understand what is going on.

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