Anti-Islam – Anti-Muslim Group’s Hateful Bus Ads Covered Up By Signs Featuring Muslim Superhero

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By Travis Gettys –

Sign featuring superhero Kamala Khan on MUNI bus (Facebook)

Sign featuring superhero Kamala Khan on MUNI bus (Facebook)


Anti-Muslim bus advertisements in San Francisco are being covered up by anti-bigotry messages featuring a Muslim comic book superhero.

The original advertisements, placed on the sides of MUNI buses by blogger Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative, compare Muslims to Nazis and claim the Koran orders followers to hate Jews.

“Stop the hate,” the ads say. “End all U.S. aid to Islamic countries.”

Those ads have been covered by improvised signs that show Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American Marvel Comics superhero, encouraging commuters to “stop the hate” by sending love to Islamic countries.

“Free speech isn’t a license to spread hate,” one sign reads.

Others argue that “Islamophobia hurts us all” and urges “bigotry busters” to “stamp out racism.”

It’s not clear who posted the pro-Islam messages over the original ads.

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