Saudi Man gets 5 years in prison and 2,400 lashes for beating his mother

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DTT: A Shariah court in Saudi Arabia has slapped a man with a 5-year sentence  and 2400 lashes for hitting his mother. The judge wanted to send a clear message out there that no one is allowed to touch their mother. And if one were to take such a heinous track road,  then the law will come down them like a tonne of bricks.

Habib Toumi Bureau Chief

Manama: A court in Saudi Arabia has sentenced a man to five years in jail and to 2,400 lashes for assaulting his mother.

The man, in his 30s, will also have one tooth broken for breaking his mother’s tooth while he beat her when she was riding with him in a car, the court in Makkah said.

Judge Turki Al Qarni said that the tooth to be broken will be the same as the one his mother lost during his physical assault, Saudi daily Okaz reported on Thursday.

Under the principle of retributive justice, the punishment should correspond in kind and degree to the injury. A person who has injured another person is penalised to a similar degree.

The direct reciprocal justice is found in all divine religions, even though with various interpretations, as well as in Babylonian Law (Code of Hammurabi).

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  1. While from a western/American perspective the sentence was harsher than other interpretations we can find, I’m not against it. Domestic violence (against family members as well as spouses) is unfortunately common here, and it’s mostly due to the justice system being rather lax in how these crimes are punished. Simply locking up an offender does very little to reform his behavior, and he may (and they often do) repeat similar crimes.

  2. Agreed while I understand that western people would find this too very barbaric and tribal, I am not against this punishment to “men” who are involved into domestic violence. Muslim countries should actually revert these punishments to men who are the major perpetrators of all sorts of VAW and get away with it, by distorting the Sharia and Islamic laws. Most Muslim men forget and ignore that Islam has repeatedly told at many points to NOT use their physical strengths against women. Besides, this asshole is probably Muslim too, did he forget that according to GOD “Heaven lies under the feet of one’s mother” and her importance is stressed no less than 75 times even in the QURAN. Good that he got beaten in public, next time he will control his hands.


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