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16-Year-Old Boy Arrested On Suspicion Of Murdering Saudi Student Nahid

A Muslim University student who was stabbed more than 15 times last year, Police have arrested a person. Police have made progress and have confirmed that they have arrested a 16 year old boy on suspicion of murdering Saudi University student Nahid Almanea. The Independent reports: A 16-year-old boy has been arrested on suspicion of… Read More ›

‘Ban Women Drivers’, Say Rabbis In London

DTT: One would think from the title this is a joke. It is not, it is real! There are Rabbis in London calling for Jewish women to be banned from driving. You would think something like this would more likely come from Saudi Arabia than London, UK. This is not the first time this has… Read More ›

Muslim Restaurant Owner In Riyadh Offers Free Breakfast To Foreign Workers

 riyadhconnect.com The picture above circulated on social networking sites shows a large number of janitors, foreign workers and street cleaners lined up in front of one of the restaurants in the Saudi capital of Riyadh. Apparently the restaurant was distributing  free breakfast to these workers every morning. The restaurant is reportedly located in the second industrial zone in Riyadh. It’s owner, a Yemeni national, habitually provides these… Read More ›

Saudi Arabia: Sheikh [Imam] Al-Munajjid forgives his son’s killer

Several newspapers reported that Sheikh Mohammad bin Saleh Al-Munajjid said that he forgave his son’s killer. Sources informed that the mourning Sheikh documented his abdication officially at the public court in Dammam on Wednesday. On Wednesday, the Sheikh addressed worshippers at Omar bin Abdul Aziz Balakrbeh mosque in Al Khobar following the evening prayer. In his… Read More ›

Saudi Man gets 5 years in prison and 2,400 lashes for beating his mother

DTT: A Shariah court in Saudi Arabia has slapped a man with a 5-year sentence  and 2400 lashes for hitting his mother. The judge wanted to send a clear message out there that no one is allowed to touch their mother. And if one were to take such a heinous track road,  then the law will… Read More ›

Is Islam Misrepresented?

In the name of Allah (swt), the Most Merciful, the Most Kind Adeel Qureshi The answer is yes! Often if not mostly the case that people have that cause them to have misrepresented views of Islam is that they cannot discern between cause and effect. What I mean by this is that when one looks at… Read More ›