‘Ban Women Drivers’, Say Rabbis In London

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DTT: One would think from the title this is a joke. It is not, it is real!

There are Rabbis in London calling for Jewish women to be banned from driving. You would think something like this would more likely come from Saudi Arabia than London, UK.

This is not the first time this has happened. In Israel, in 2011 Rabbis issued a similar ruling(s) prohibiting Jewish women from driving a car.

No matter where it happens it should be condemned and such leaders struck off from their jobs. It is ridiculous for women to not be allowed to drive but men allowed.

Will the Government take steps to shut down this school, obviously a religious school who have extremists leaders (teachers)?

ITV News reports:

Religious leaders have provoked fury after suggesting pupils should be banned from lessons if their mothers drive them to school.

The strict ruling came from rabbis in an orthodox jewish sect at Stamford Hill, in north London.

In a letter published on jewish websites, the Hasidic Belz rabbis say women drivers are ‘contrary to the rules of religious modesty’.

The letter warns pupils will be barred from lessons unless there are medical reasons for their mother to behind the wheel of a car.

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The Independent:

The leaders of an Orthodox Jewish sect in north London have reportedly declared that women should not be allowed to drive in a letter sent out to the community.

Rabbis from the Belz Hasidic sect in Stamford Hill have said women driving cars contravenes “the traditional rules of modesty in our camp” and the conventions of hasidic institutions, according to a report by the Jewish Chronicle.

The letter, which was signed by Belz educational leaders and endorsed by rabbis, also said women could be banned from their schools if their mothers drove them from August onwards.

It cited increasing numbers of “mothers of pupils who have started to drive” which it said had led to “great resentment among parents of pupils of our institutions”.

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