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Anti-Muslim Incident On United Airlines

  The Guardian and the Huffington Post report on an Islamophobic incident that took place last week on a Universal Airlines flight to the United States. Tahera Ahmed, a Director of Interfaith Engagement and Associate Chaplain at Northwestern University in Illinois, says a Universal Airlines flight attendant was “clearly discriminating against me” when her request for… Read More ›

Islamophobia Is Killing Myanmar’s Rohingya

DTT: The forgotten genocide happening in the other side of the World. The persecution is against a specific people because they’re Muslim. The hatred that is spread in the West against Muslims, by right-wing bigots have landed in Burma, this time it has turned into violence against Muslims. Would the World’s politicians have stayed silent… Read More ›

Man Charged With Public Order Offence Over Pigs’ Heads Outside Solihull Centre

  The Birmingham Mail reports on the court appearance of a man charged with a racially aggravated public order offence following the discovery of a bag containing pig’s heads outside Solihull Community Hub last April. Rumours that the building was being used as an ‘unauthorised’ mosque were in circulation earlier this year with the windows… Read More ›

Muslim Woman Assaulted By Man At Rockdale Intersection In Sydney

DTT: Islamophobia Register Australia which records anti-Muslim incidents posted on their Facebook page the story of a Muslim Hijabi woman being assaulted by a man in Sydney. The victim was left distraught and shaken of the attack and nobody came to help her. It is said that the incident all started when the victim drove her… Read More ›

US Sailor Pleads Guilty To Hate Attack On Muslim Taxi Driver

DTT: A Muslim cab driver was punched repeatedly in the face, and called a ‘terrorist’ by sailor. The Seatle cab driver said he was punched repeatedly non-stop in the face while he was driving, it caused him to crash his taxi into an apartment building, and he says it was because of his religion. The… Read More ›

82-Year-Old Sikh Man Beaten With A Pipe Because Attacker Thought He Was Muslim

DTT: An 82 year old Sikh man was preparing free meals for the homeless when he was attacked because the attacker thought he was Muslim. This attack happened as a result of the hate and propaganda being peddle by the media and neo-Nazi groups. The thug who attacked Mr. Piara Singh is facing 13 years… Read More ›

Terroristic Threats Against Couple In Car Motivated By Bias

DTT: Peaceful Muslim couple were waiting to pick-up their son when they were terrorized at gunpoint by a thug whose name is Nancy Kay Knoble. This is the reality of hate spewed by some of the media, at the end it gets people like her to do something she wouldn’t have done, if some of the… Read More ›

France: Muslim French-Women Discriminated Against Daily

DTT: A day does not go by without hearing horrible stories from France, where Muslim men, women and children are discriminated against and even attacked physically all because of being Muslim. The daily hate spewed by right-wing media outlets, gets innocent Muslims targeted, verbally, and physically. Even though many of the Muslims are born and… Read More ›

Muslim Mother’s Hijab Pulled Off – Repeatedly Punched And Kicked In the Face

DTT: A Muslim mother waiting to pick up her kids from a private school was attacked today in London. According to the victim, she states that she was waiting to pick her kids up when few women came up and asked her if she feels hot wearing the ‘Hijab’ (head-scarf). While replying back to their… Read More ›

Muslims Face Worst Employment Discrimination In Australia

DTT: Australian employers are choosing people based on whether or not they have foreign name, with Muslims suffering the most. I am really not surprised at all. This is been happening for many years all over the World where Muslims are a minority. This has happened to many other minorities. Example, in America, a group… Read More ›