Islamophobia Is Killing Myanmar’s Rohingya

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DTT: The forgotten genocide happening in the other side of the World. The persecution is against a specific people because they’re Muslim. The hatred that is spread in the West against Muslims, by right-wing bigots have landed in Burma, this time it has turned into violence against Muslims.

Would the World’s politicians have stayed silent if this persecution were aimed a different group, not Muslims? I don’t think so!

By Haroon Moghul / Quartz

Radical Buddhists? Violent monks? Ethnic cleansing? Concentration camps? And now, mass graves? What’s happening in Myanmar is terrible, but it should be impossible. At least, so far as Islamophobes would have it.

The genocidal campaign for the elimination of a people, the Rohingya, has been gathering steam in Myanmar since 2011, but counter to common stereotype, the victims are Muslims, and their attackers include Buddhist monks.

The extremist movement behind some of the worst violence, “969,” claims the Rohingya are outbreeding the majority, attempting to conquer and subjugate Myanmar’s Buddhists. If that language sounds familiar, it should.

It’s a rehash of Islamophobia’s favorite talking points: Creeping Shari’ah! Demographic time bombs! (Asian) Eurabia! While Bill Maher and friends insist Islamophobia is just made up—even as they are guilty of it—969’s words and deeds are not idle exercises in televised talking points, jokes at the expense of Muslims, merely designed to earn laughs.

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  1. The worst kind of persecution is when everyone in the world thinks you DESERVE to get persecuted.

    And that’s what’s happening here with the right wing obsession of associating with Rohonja with terrorism.

    I wish them the best.

  2. …so heartbreaking… 😦

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