Alleged ‪RSS‬ Member In ‪Burka‬ Caught Redhanded Throwing ‪Beef‬ Into Hindu Temple

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Caught redhanded while throwing ‪#‎Beef‬ into a Hindu Mandir (temple) in Azamgarh, the ‪#Muslim‬ lady tried to escape gathering her long burka round her ankles as she ran. The thought of upsetting peaceful Hindu’s, causing maximum offence and injuring their sentiments with her highly treacherous actions brought a wry smile across her obscured face as she hurried and she began to feel the warmth of accomplishment….right?
She wasn’t a Muslim, infact ‘she’ wasn’t a she at all… this was a man. A Hindu man. Desecrating a Hindu place of worship. Dressed in a burka.

It turns out, that the old tactic, employed for decades from Panjab to Kashmir to Orrisa is being employed again by those with a desire to create exploitable tension between the majority Hindu population against any of the various minorities of India.

Although apprehended, it’s not expected to ever reach a court of law, it’s a certainty that the current fascist RSS sired BJP government will ensure no convictions will be reached.

This absolutely disgraceful attempt at blaming the Muslim community for a blasphemous attack on a Hindu temple, comes only a day after a mob of fanatical Hindu’s had beaten a Muslim man to death and sexually assaulted his wife and children, simply because of a rumour that he had eaten beef… which he had not.

Welcome yet again, to the Banana Republic of India… where the reality of the BJP/RSS fascist ideologically driven governance is at odds with the superstar rhetoric being delivered by PM Modi during his global ‘tour’.

Source: Encounters Collective (Facebook)

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this article are not representative of but of Encounters Collective’s Facebook page.

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