Those who are not Hindus should leave the country – Sadhavi Samhita

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DTT: Hindu extremist forcing others to become a follower of the Hindu religion or get out of India.

By Siasat

All those who have been born in India are the Hindus and those who refuse to be Hindus should leave this country. This derogatory remark was made by Sadhavi Samhita while addressing a gathering of Rama Navmi procession at Hanuman Vyayam Shala, Sultan Bazar. She stressed the need for the Hindus to associate themselves with the Sadhus and the Saints like the other people. She also told the Hindu youths to get ready for the protection of their women and daughters to save them from the evil eyes of others. She said that India has been a place for Hindu Rajas, Maharajas and Hindu gods.

BJP MLA of Gosha Mahal, Raja Singh told the Hindu youths to follow the footsteps of Shivaji. He further told that the unity of the Hindus is because of the efforts of RSS, Bajrangdal and VHP. He stressed the need for organizing such meeting, processions and rallies. He pointed out that through conversion of religion, Love Jihad and such other movements, conspiracies are being hatched to weaken Hindu religion.

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