Georgia ‘Patriot’ Plants Bombs And Fake Evidence Trying To Blame The Muslim community

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By Jen Hayden / Daily Kos

WTSB-TV report on the arrest of Michael C. Sibley

attribution: screenshot from video

Last November, Roswell police were alerted about an apparently abandoned backpack on an Atlanta-area walking trail. Among the contents of the backpack were homemade bombs, a copy of the Quran, an Atlanta Falcons schedule and directions to Atlanta’s Jewish Community Center.

Over the weekend, authorities arrested Michael C. Sibley, of Roswell, Georgia, for attempting to damage or destroy by means of fire or explosive property owned by the United States. And why did he include the Quran and other fake evidence to implicate the Muslim community? Because he’s a patriot:

According to court documents, Sibley confessed to agents that he bought a backpack at a garage sale and built a bomb inside his garage. Sibley also told agents that he purchased a T-shirt at a garage sale and wrote the name “Mina Khodari” on the shirt “because it looked foreign.”Sibley said he placed the bomb on the trail as a “patriot” because he felt that no one is paying attention to the world, and if someone found the explosive device they would understand that a bomb could be placed anywhere, according to the criminal complaint.

Nearly blowing up your neighbors and terrifying your own community? That is one weird sense of patriotism. See Atlanta’s WTSB-TV video here.



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