A Man Is Found Guilty Of ‘Attempted Murder’ After Assault On Turkish Shopkeeper

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The Daily Mail reports on the trial of a man who raged about “f****** foreigners” before launching a violent assault on a Turkish shopkeeper in Paddington, west London last October.

Hilmi Uludag was manning the till at the shop when Andrew Jefferson, 52, walked in, browsed around the aisles and then approached him with a knife while shouting “you f****** foreigners coming to the UK to poison British people”.

Uludag was stabbed in the neck, chin and leg before colleagues pulled Jefferson away restraining him until the police arrived.

The Daily Mail reports on proceedings of Jefferson’s trial noting that “jurors deliberated for less than a day” before finding Jefferson guilty of attempted murder.

The paper notes that Jefferson had previously admitted the lesser charge of wounding with intent.

Jefferson will be sentenced on April 22 though from the newspaper report and the charges brought by the CPS, it doesn’t seem as though any aggravated element to the crime has been explored despite Jefferson’s remarks about “f****** foreigners” and the ethnic identity of his victim.

Source: Mend.org.uk

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