Why Were Salamah And Talhah Khuwalid Killed?

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Historical evidences show they were warmongers. They wanted to go to war against the Muslim community:

Ṣafī al-Raḥman Mubarakfuri:

The first people to take up arms against the Muslims in the aftermath of Uhud were Banu Asad bin Khuzaimah. Information was reported in Madinah that Talhah and Salamah, sons of Khuwalid had gathered some volunteers to fight Allah’s Messenger. The Prophet immediately dispatched a 150-man-platoon of Helpers and Emigrants headed by Abu Salamah. The Muslim leader took Bani Asas bin Khuzaimah by surprise in their homeland, neutralized their attempts, dispersed them… Abu Salamah had an inflammation of a pervious wound he sustained in Uhud, and it caused him to die soon after. This expedition took place on Muharram 1st. 4 A.h. [1]

Imam Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah:

The battle of Uhud took place in the month of Shawwal, in the third year after the Hijrah and he remained in Al-Madinah for the rest of the year. Then when the month of Muharram began, he was informed that Talhah and Salamah, the sons of Khuwailid has set out with their followers, calling for war with him and so he sent Abu Salamah with hundred and fifty men. [2]

Shaykh Allama Shibli Numani:

First of all, in the month of Muharram, in the fourth year of the Hijra, Talha and Khuwailid, whose tribes lived in the mountainous area of Faid and Qatan, instigated their tribesmen to attack Medina. When the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) came to know of it, he sent 150 Muhajirs and Ansaries under the comman of Abu Salama. Hearing of his approach, the tribesmen fled away. [3]


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